Fallout 3 - Back For Blood

Looks like it may not be dead after all. Whether it will end up being what BIS intended it to be, that’s another matter entirely.

Ok, this is getting silly. They should just ask Troika to pay IPLYs 3 months rent before they get evicted in exchange for the Fallout rights.

I don’t see anything good coming of this. AFAIK, the game was still some ways from complete, and I don’t think a game that’s 60% BIS and 40% some unknown studio would work as well as either one doing the whole thing. And IPLY is unlikely to give the new guys the time to do any substantial reworkings, given their cash flow problems.

Depends. Are the key people who were working on Fallout 3 still together at some other development house?

Also, what’s the “LY” in “IPLY”?


We are so fucked.

Ah yes, another beloved and cherished being raped by greedy suits. I know we don’t have a lot of information, so pre-judging such an announcement might be out of line, but given the track record of these sorts of things, it’s not looking good.

Cautiously optimistic. (mainly because of the clear delineation between FO3 and offshoot Fallout titles)

No shit. Worst game of the year, incoming…

That would be Unreal 3.

I can see how you got confused, you know, both ending in 3, but come on.

I do sort of agree though. Having two companies make the one game is a pretty bad idea… but fans wanted to see it done.
PM me when the ‘fallout 3 fans are rioting!!1!11!!!’ thread gets made.

IPLY is Interplay’s stock abbreviation.

Anyway, I hope The Fall is good.

Big Daddy Herve will say ANYTHING to get investment capital. Yeah sure, he’s got a Fallout game coming out–but first he needs somebody to make it, and some money to pay them with. By that standard MY MOM has a Fallout game coming out.

…And now apparently Interplay is being evicted from their corporate offices. That bodes well for all games in development, and even better for games that are only hypothetically in development.

Close them down and auction them off.

If nothing else, it will give Volition-Inc a chance to buy back the rights to make another Freespace game.

Why can’t anyone be optomistic? Fallout 3 is better than no Fallout 3, and there’s a chance it will work out nicely… depending on who ends up making it…

Really? Was MOO3 better than no MOO3? Sometimes, the dead are better left at rest.

Really? Was MOO3 better than no MOO3? Sometimes, the dead are better left at rest.[/quote]

Well yes, actually, it was. Thanks to MOO3, ten people have a new MOO game that they like, and everyone has a fun joke and still has the first two games to play if they really want to.

There’s a chance that this cross-developed Fallout 3 will be good. As long as there’s a chance, I say bring it on, because I want more Fallout.

There’s also a chance that unicorns will fly down my chimney and deliver my breakfast, but I’m not holding my breath. As EricFate said, it would be better for all involved if Interplay just sold the property to someone with the capability to actually do something worthwhile with it.

I don’t give a damn who publishes it, and if they farm the development out to Troika or Obsidian or somebody, what’s the difference?

Also: How in the flying hell did you make that post so fast? I think I hit “submit,” and by the time the page loaded, your response was on it.

The difference is that Interplay probably won’t survive as a company long enough to see this project done. I don’t care who publishes it, either, as long as it does get published. With Interplay, I’d say you have a better shot at a unicorn breakfast.

I agree. That’s why my hopes aren’t too high for it actually coming out. But if it does, I’ll be there.


Because I’m a fan, that’s why.