Fallout 3 Expansions

Interview with Jeff Gardiner of Bethesda:

[ul][li]Operation: Anchorage is a Chinese invasion simulator, due this month for < $10
[/li][li]The Pitt is apparently simply a new quest, due for release in February
[/li][li]Broken Steel removes the forced ending of the game and raises the level cap to 30. This one’s due for release in March.[/ul]
I’m not particularly interested in Anchorage (there are better shooters than Fallout 3, really) but I think I’ll start a replay in March with the new level cap.

Oh, and PS3 owners get screwed: no plans to release anything other than patches on that platform. The patches for 360 and PC are being finalized right now.

Arg. I’m so pissed at the character perks that I chose. I thought that leveling up would take a long enough time like the original so I picked all the perks that gave XP bonuses. Now I’m at level 20 with a little more then half the map explored - and I’m on the 360 version so no leveling down mods.

If I had one complaint about this game it would be the poor leveling path. Perhaps perks should have been fewer and far inbetween (like FO1 & 2).

This makes me re-think about purchasing the DLC. I could make a new character but I don’t know if I want to do everything I did so soon.

The Hei Gui armor looks like it belongs in that crappy live action GI Joe movie.

The Pitt is just an additional quest? What happened to going to Pittsburgh?

You still go to Pittsburgh. Chris is over simplifying a bit on the details.

Those screenshots look awesome, btw.

Looks great. Yeah, I’ll probably get all of these.

The Pitt is a more ‘Traditional’ Fallout 3 quest - it’s full of morally grey choices, shady NPCs, and features another city ravaged by time, neglect, nuclear waste and moral degradation.

From the Eurogamer article.

I keep wondering if Broken Steel was the original ending they had for Fallout 3 but they ran out of time.

Broken Steel not only extends the game to level 30, it alters the core ending. It allows the player to continue exploring the ashen Wasteland and see the fruits that are born, or that die, from their decisions. It will reprise several main characters, and conclude some of the story threads left dangling.

I’m guessing he means quest-line.

Wonder no longer: No.

new screenshots look like you will be infiltrating Shadow Moses

the only criticism I have is, shouldn’t there be lush green trees in Alaska? or is this after the bombs fell?

There should at least be some moose hunting from vertibirds.

I’m going to make a female character and put some glasses on her

wolves should watch out

sarah palin lol


Raises the level cap to 30? That was my biggest complaint about Fallout 3, and really not much of one. I was level 20 before I even explored half the wasteland. I love advancing and upgrading RPG characters, take that away and an unfortunate amount of desire to play the rest of the content evaporates. So a raised level cap, new perks and weapons, etc would be far more valuable to me than a bunch of new content to explore.

What if we completed the game already?

Ugh here we go again with Bethesda and their “dynamic leveling” system. First of all, don’t get me wrong. I loved Fallout, and I put Oblivion on my top 5 of all time list.

However, I never get what I’m supposed to do with the expansions they put out. For the Shivering Isles, I brought in my level 33 guy and basically wiped the floor with every enemy I encountered. I stopped playing this character after about 3 hours, and brought in a level 3 character. This one got his ass beat by every encounter.

Now, they’re saying that you can bring any level character into these expansions. I thought that they eliminated the stupid dynamic mob leveling in FO3? What happened to the good old days when expansions started at the level you most likely were when you finished the main content?


I chose an ending that resulted in my character dying. How am I supposed to “continue” with this character into the new areas?

Mod in some quotes from a certain Fallout3 character and I think you’d have a winning Easter Egg on your hand.

My understanding is that the first two expansions are basically new quests added to the main game, meaning that they aren’t necessarily designed for late/end game characters. Presumably they will make them somewhat dynamic, as much of the game is, but it’s probably not ideal to use your last save.

As for the level cap, people need to stop thinking that they are supposed to be able to explore the entire world and complete all the quests in one play through. Instead the idea is that the game supports multiple play throughs.