Fallout 3 - I'm lovin' it

I was going to post this in the main Fallout 3 thread until I realised the non-spoiler thread was packed full of spoilers and I had to beat a hasty retreat. Can someone update the title of that cursed thread? If you haven’t been spoiled yet make sure to avoid the DLC, it seems they’re trying to encourage me to buy it by giving away later events of the game without warning.

This is little more than a post about how much I’m enjoying this game. I was dubious, I wouldn’t touch Oblivion with a barge pole. Swords in a game with tedious sounding close combat mechanics? A levelling system which appears to defeat the point of the open world (I have no idea if Fallout 3 does something similar and I’d prefer not to know. Nothing ruins an immersive game like a deep understanding of all the mechanics)? Urgh, no thanks. I felt the same about Fallout 3 yet for some reasons just felt an urge to buy it, probably games like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, STALKER, Far Cry 2 and Space Rangers 2 giving me an open world hankering.

Needless to say I’ve been loving it. The childhood section really clicked for me, and of course the whole perks system is just fun (at its best when it isn’t just a stats boost) and I love that I always seem to be living on the edge when it comes to ammo levels and money for repairs. But best of all is the way there always seems to be something going on, for example:

I was following the Wasteland Guide quest, heading towards the tepid sewers to thwack some mole rats when a boy ran up to me asking for help with his father. I decided to help and followed him on his route home without waiting on the assumption that he’d take a safe route (which he did). Thus begins the investigation into Grayditch where I sneak from house to house picking up ammo and hacking into computers where I can. I learn a weakness in my enemy and get to use it to good effect when they trap me on the upper floor of a ruined house, having them turn on each other just as I was mere bars from death.

Recovering from my burns by drinking from an irradiated water thing (it’s still a game :)) I make a dash for the underground station I’ve learned I need to head for and dive inside. Well, I slowly sneak my way through until, worried about my ammo levels, I decide to emerge through a door to the surface I’ve found. This leads me straight into a firefight between the Brotherhood of Steel and some Super Mutants which at first I watch until I realise one side is friendly. I then assist and agree to help them rescue one of their brethren. We engage more Super Mutants (a foe which I fear mainly due to his ammo sucking toughness) and I find that arm shots are proving to be mighty effective, though the laser rifles of my colleagues are a big help.

In the end though my two allies are overwhelmed and I have to defeat the last two Super Mutants in my weakened state, though fortunately the damage done to them appears to have put their aim way off. At this point I have picked up so much loot I am moving at a crawl. Still, I decide to head into the building to complete the rescue but decide that this is folly the second I spot the first brute. Perhaps I could have pulled it off with mines and such, but I’m moving at such a slow clip (and oddly I’m too lazy to dump items and retrieve them later yet I’m willing to move this slow) I withdraw and decide to save the guy later.

So now it’s back to Megaton to deposit my sweet loot and hopefully have enough to repair everything. Rather than head back via the underground I decide to go overland, a plan I change in minutes as I approach a building corner and get a red blip. I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to know, I withdraw to the station. Good thing too because I missed a raider body complete with the sweet nectar that is a stash of .56 ammo. Glorious.

After a long trek through the tunnels I emerge back in Grayditch to find some soldiers under attack by the Grayditch foe. I naturally assist. Rather than receiving thanks I learn that they’re after me and so I quickly pump every combat drug I have into my battered, overladen body. With the aid of stimpacks it’s enough and I defeat them and resume my slow trudge to Megaton.

The entire journey from Church Falls to Megaton takes me half-an-hour (yet I never get bored, something is always happening or needs avoiding) whereupon I flush out my many addictions, sell my loot, repair all my guns and am left with about one cap, but I do have a laser rifle now. Perhaps I should head back to Church Falls now?

This whole experience lasted a few hours and was beyond awesome, every time I tried to focus on a quest something else would happen. Hell, just wandering through the wastes is finding me new things, and the fact that I always need ammo means scavenging is always worthwhile.

Fallout 3 is brilliant like that. Even with over 150hrs put into the game, I’m still seeing new stuff, still have loads of locations I’ve spotted from afar and made a mental note to return to.

I’ve started playing it again, properly this time. I’ve added some mods to change the experience but it’s still Fallout 3…

Vault 106: Awesome.

Somehow reading this nice to read post about Fallout 3 made me want to play WoW.

But yes, Fallout 3 is a gem. Games like that are what make me still enjoy gaming after more than twenty years.

That reminds me - I’ve never visited V108.

Oh, poor Quitch. I wonder if he even knew about the existence of other vaults.

He does now!

I thought this was going to be about some McDonald’s ads being in the game and appropriate rant against such.

Bethesda games are a nightmare to play in that respect, you really want to wait until the mod community has got going a bit but then you try and find out what mods are good and accidentally run into dozens of minor spoilers of the cool bits.

That’s why I make a point of playing (and enjoying) them in their pure, unmodded form, first.

Some day I’ll get the WoW monkey off my back long enough to play this.

Alas no, my own topic has kicked me in the balls :/

It’s not REALLY a spoiler, is it? It’s made pretty obvious very early on. I did stumble on it by complete accident so I have no idea if it’s actually a plot point.

I think it’s inevitable that when you create a thread about an open game where people have to make their own adventures, they are naturally going to want to drop references to those experiences. Of course when you are late to the party some people might think commonly understood parts of the game are no longer “spoilers” too, which I guess you noticed from the other thread.

By the way, your real father is a super mutant!!

(Not really, just teasing.)

And to be fair, look at Quitch’s initial post. It’s full of spoilers! Luckily, I’ve played that far already, and have experienced all the things that Quitch has experienced so far.

Yeah I must have read it three times to decide if I wanted to point that out. It’s mostly random encounter stuff but everyone is picky in their own way.

Though I did groan as soon as I saw the random mentions about the vaults. :)

A Fallout game without vaults would be remarkable in itself, so they weren’t really spoilers. It is possible to be a bit too sensitive to spoilers, and if that’s the case, avoiding any threads on a game is a wise choice. Starting one seems like a particularly poor idea, were you to be one of those people.

Don’t you come from vault 10X in fallout3? that would naturally lead to there being other vaults i’d think.

Well duh, but I think in each Fallout game that’s part of the reveal. Especially for someone who seems to actively want to suppress thinking about the game too much and just discover it on its own.

On the other hand, I remember reading similar comments about STALKER (“Lab X18 is awesome”) before I played it and it actually increased my excitement about those encounters in the game.

Maybe I’m just being picky about taking over someone’s thread just to post your own experience, like an Internet version of replying without listening. But now I’m being anal, because I certainly do all this plenty myself. :)

I wonder if Bethesda will release anymore patches, since final DLC is out and the last few did nothing except break the game more and bring achievments…

I’m still waitin’ on the patch that fixes the 100% reproducible outdoor crashin’. :/