Fallout 3 - I'm lovin' it

I don’t love the post apocalyptic setting usually but I LOVED Fallout’s world. There’s just something about it - just enough of the gallows humor to make the hellscape kinda feel, well, homey. I know that’s weird but it’s just how I felt about it after a while. And I love Oblivion, flawed thing that it is, but boy it can be boring. I go back to play it occasionally but it’s world is the most disappointing thing about it.

p.s. and the only thing more annoying than seeing hellgates every 5 minutes while traveling is having to go in to them to repeat the same hellgate level constantly. I hate those damn hellgates.

Blech, you really did that? I played ONE and was like, oh, forget this and abandoned the main quest.

I just beat this game. It was brilliant throughout and probably one of top 10 games of all time. I really enjoyed every aspect. Form the world detail, the quality of the quests, to just wandering and coming across amazingly interesting things.

I think this last part was my favorite. So many games try to create a world by filling it up with generic, dull locations. GTA4 has miles of roads that are beautifully textured and modeled, but their is nothing behind the facade. Morrowind has endless dungeons, cities and fields to explore. But thye are the same things over and over.

Fallout 3 gets it right. It is a single player MMORPG. It is a virtual world that seemed real, and I really enjoyed the time I spent in it.

I just started playing through fallout 3 again, I didn’t finish the first time because I fell into a lot of leveling traps. The first time around my character specialized in energy weapons and had perks that let him level faster. That didn’t work out so well, every monster encounter was a drawn out fight to the death.

This time around my character knows how to use small arms and combat is a breeze, it makes exploring a lot more fun! I do still have trouble with the tense atmosphere though; even though the monsters don’t really pose much of a threat, they still scare the crap out of me whenever I come around a corner and bump into them. If I play for long I get pretty stressed out, but I still keep going back for more.