Fallout 3 Modding Edition

So the editor and three DLC have been announced, which is awesome, but I noticed there are already a poop-load of mods out there. Some of them are actually quite useful/cool:

Invincible Dogmeat
Quieter Dogmeat

Free Play after Main Quest

Interface Mod - Revelation

ooo, I think the Free Play after Main Quest is a great idea. Now I don’t have to worry about avoiding the main quest.

Robco Certified perk - Build your own (limited-time) robot companions from junked robots!

I posted these elsewhere but I might as well post em here too.

Sager balance mod

Vats MCE - is a slight revision of the standard VATS accuracy formula which will put a much greater emphasis on your weapon skill and the base accuracy of your chosen weapon rather than simply the distance to your target.

They are compatible

What’s the appeal of so-called “Balance” mods?

The official DLC sounds awesome, and I don’t even have the game yet. I do wish there was some way to get user-made content onto the Xbox, though. :\

I used to think that consoles would never get user-created content, but I guess LittleBigPlanet is proving that wrong. Although, I think that may be a special case since it doesn’t require a PC to create the content.

I think that they are worried that people will get naked things in their consoles (although it’s already rated Mature, it would make the rating AO, I guess?).

Actually, I’ve always had this pet theory that MS is afraid that haXXors would be able to get some script on there that would help defeat their security. I have no idea if it’s even possible, but seeing the savegame exploits that led to soft-modding on the OG Xbox, I think it’s not outside the realm of possibility. This is why in-game user created maps and stuff are ok, but anything not created on the box, that can involve some sort of programming is not so good.

Ah, I actually hadn’t thought of that.

Weight rebalance mod (because empty coke bottles don’t weight the same as a tire-iron): http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=518

This mod might as well just be called “I want to be able to carry more stuff.”

I mean, seriously? We’re actually complaining about the weight of a nuka cola bottle?

If you can explain to me how I’m fitting all that shit into my invisible backpack in the first place then I’ll understand how the weights are unrealistic.


Are you really surprised that some folks obsess about tiny details in a Fallout game? :) This franchise has its own cult of radioactive rivet-counters.

Your mom.

(what, you actually expected a serious response to such a dumb question?)

Does the Robco certified perk replace another perk?

Slower leveling curve so you don’t hit the cap too early.
More focus on exploration XP than combat XP.
The stats make more of a difference leading to more unique builds. Currently, at high levels, with enough skill points, you can be pretty much good at almost everything.

This was true for my characters in Fallout 1 and 2 as well. I’m surprised people want to break away from that tradition of having Intelligent characters who are good at everything by the end of the game.

It’s an option I guess. Fallout 1 & 2 allowed to specialize beyond your normal means. You could have become a super scientist by bumping your skills points to 300% (the max I believe), which didn’t count for much since there wasn’t a lot of computers to use that often.

Also I think the point distribution in Fallout 3 is more.

13 Skills X 100 Cap points = 1300 total skills points.

19 (Levels) x 10 (Max INT) = 190 SPs
13 x 10 (Bobble head Dolls) = 130 SPs
352 Books x 2 (comprehension) = 704 SPs.
16 x 3 (educated perk) = 48.

A total of 1072 SPs to be divided into 1300 skills, not including the starting point levels which I don’t remember, or perks that give skills points. Of course, only feasible if you’re the most ridiculous of OCD min/max gamer.

Whereas Fallout 1 & 2 had 20 skills.

Tagged skills go up by 2, every other skills go up by 1. Pass 100%, tagged skills go up by 1/SPs, where non-tagged go up 1/2SP. Perks were more percentage based rather than skill points based. You could be really good at several things with a high INT character, but you couldn’t be good at everything.

Well, if you’re modding anyway why not just remove the level cap?

Because you could get infinite experience, and level until all skills are at 100%, while enemies would stop scaling to you at level 20.

Yeah. This game is has been shaped in several different ways to be more friendly to players who have never heard of Fallout or have never played an RPG before. I don’t think most people who play this game will notice this or care if they do run into it.

I thought the enemies didn’t scale as much in FO3 as they did in Oblivion. Is that not the case? It would be nice to be able to introduce more powerful enemies in new areas via new content (user or official), and not artificially level up the old stuff.