Fallout 3 - Non-gameplay affecting mods

I’ve finally fired up Fallout 3 after deciding to take a break from the Far Cry 2 obsession. One thing to note, after Far Cry 2 Fallout 3 loses some of its lustre with bland textures and, most surprisingly to me (in so far as I wouldn’t have considered it before Far Cry 2) vegetation which feels flat because it doesn’t bend and rustle as you push through it. I’m surprised how much this bugs me now.

What I’m after though are mods because I can see a few interface areas I’d like improved:

  1. Automatically change clothing to benefit whatever activity you’re performing.

  2. PIP Boy 3000 interface overhaul

  3. Some way to mark items such that they never appear in my sell list.

If anyone else knows anything really handy let me know. I’m not looking to change the gameplay on my first playthrough though, just anything else which has been bettered since release.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: You REALLY want the mod that adds 100ish songs to Galaxy News Radio.

I don’t know, but maybe the DarNified UI is what you are after for the PipBoy overhaul?

And also, this is the link to malkav11’s suggestion