Fallout 3 screenshots


I’d post another link since NMA is choking, but that’d violate the self-pimping policy. :)

Bleh. How depressing.

Although I was impressed that the transition to 3D was so smooth.

Yeah, RPGdot has been linking to the depressing spiral of posts and pics since “The Announcement”. It sucks, but it is not like it is the death of an important franchise like HoMM* or anything.

[size=2]*Which may be resurrected, by the way. http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~homm/ hooray.[/size]

MM was kind of fun in a kitschy kind of way, but I found HoMM boring. Not my kind of strategy game, I guess.

Fallout was great, and I enjoyed Fallout 2 as well, but why do we need yet another Fallout? What not a slightly different RPG?

I thought that too, but the leaked info was so promising.

ahh… it would have been fun to play, but oh well, my life will go on.

Well, it has been just over five years since Fallout 2 came out. I wouldn’t have minded a third game in the (main) series.

As it is, I’ve definitely got my eye on FO:BOS. If they can achieve a similar level of quality as BG:DA, I’m there…