Fallout 3: Tenpenny Tower: Did I Fuck This Up?

If you haven’t gotten to the Tenpenny Tower section of Fallout 3 yet, go away.

OK, so I’ve been going through my first playthrough of Fallout 3 in my preferred Fallout character style: a goody-two-shoes sharpshooter with a pretty severe kleptomania. So upon reaching the Tower, I naturally robbed the stores and their safes blind. Eventually I talked to Tenpenny and, as is my good nature, decided to try to broker a truce between the Ghouls and the assholes in the Tower.

BUT, two of the people I need to get to turn to my side to allow the Ghouls to live there have left in a huff because somebody - ok, me - robbed their stores.

So am I pooched? Should I just open up the basement door and let the Ghouls ravage those stuck-up muckity-mucks, or can I salvage some good karma out of this yet?

Oh…I thought you had done what I did on my first run through FO3…I found the note saying tenpenny sent people to kill me. So I went to his tower, walked upstairs and put a cap in his ass…I skipped the whole ghoul quest after that.

Now I’m on my second run through, set to “EVIL” and “HARD”…


I was doing my first play through as a nice guy as well. I successfully brokered a truce between ghouls and humans, and left, feeling pretty good about myself. I come back a few weeks later, and Roy’s killed every goddamned person in the place, and dumped their bodies in a pile in the basement for the feral ghouls to eat. After that, I went from top to bottom and killed every motherfucking ghoul in the place, which is apparently what I should have done in the first place. Bastard. BTW, apparently, if you just let the feral ghouls come in and eat everybody, you get rewarded with the crib, while you just get the mask and some caps for the much more difficult peace treaty.

The five people that Tenpenny wants you to convince are all pains in the ass. Unless you have a high speech skill, the only way to get the two shopkeepers to agree is to do what you unwittingly did, which is rob them so they leave. The other three also have an optional way to dealing with them, but its hardly a “happy ever after ending,” as Madkevin points out. However, there is no real “goody goody” solution to Tenpenny.

You even get karma for killing Tenpenny, so the “good” route is really what you choose to do here, knowing the options.

My way of dealing with Tenpenny:

  1. Nuke Megaton. I mean, really, you don’t need it. The money is fantastic (especially if you have low Barter) and the explosion is totally worth it.
  2. Kill the Ghouls. They’re gonna kill everyone anyway.
  3. Kill Tenpenny and Burke. It’s free Karma! No one minds. Plus you get a sniper rifle and pimp suit out of it. Win/win.

Tenpenny tower for me was.

  • Having Burke kill Lucas after he gives you the fusion thingie.
  • Then shoot Burke, so you can loot both of their bodies.
  • Disarm the bomb, and get 300 cap from lucas’s son as well as the house.
  • Help the ghoul into the tower by talking to the people.
  • those 2 shop keepers will always leave no matter which way you approach it, you can talk them into leaving or rob them into leaving.(the 2 named ghoul with phillip will take over the shop)
  • Make sure you finish “Gotta shoot’em in the head” quest before you get those Ghouls in to tenpenny, because Mr.Tenpenny is going to have an accident very soon after the ghouls move in.

I really prefer the shack in Megaton over the suite at Tenpenny, it’s just so much closer from fast travel point, not mentioning you can access the suite in tenpenny tower by using the door from the balcony. you just can’t have theme or other stuff, but you can still put bobbleheads there.

Also, Unless you blow up Megaton really early, you won’t have access to a storage place until you finish with moria’s book quest.

The Burke in my game likes to send me love letters. :D

I was kinda disappointed with my Burke. I disarmed the Megaton bomb and he vanished, so I assumed he went to Tenpenny. Later when I got into the tower he was mentioned in a few dialogs but was nowhere to be found.

But he doesn’t know how to use apostrophes.

Next time, he dies.

actually moira survives - she becomes a ghoul, i think you can keep the book going.

You get karma for #3? That doesn’t make any sense.

They’re v. bad people so killing them = good karma.

Why? At least by the game’s logic, it’s usually very clear which killings will constitute positive karma and which ones will constitute negative ones, and it’s only rarely connected to your progress in whatever quest. At least, compared with the ambiguity surrounding The Family mission(s), it’s very manageable.

I received a number of Good Karma messages (I was already maxed out as far as I could tell) when I went through and ruthlessly decapitated everyone who wasn’t a slave in Paraside Falls. I got the Mesmerizer, a lot of charges and then cleaned house. I didn’t even get any negs for taking stuff out of the houses of the people whom I brought to justice.

Initially I saved and did Tenpenny Tower v. ghouls both ways (actually I did the diplomatic talk solution, then went back and let the ghouls in just to see what would happen). When I went back and all the normal humans were dead, my first thought was that I had continued in the wrong save. After talking to Roy Philips, though, I gritted my teeth, gripped my shotgun a little tighter and left back to push the main quest forward while I considered what to do.

It was talking to Dashwood and realizing he would be killed as well that stopped me from going down the road of helping the ghouls unilaterally. I didn’t check the first time but if Dashwood is dead, the pile in the basement is about to get bigger.

Well, look at it this way.
Both Tenpenny and Burke are bigots against ghouls and, are willing to kill off the entire population of Megaton “just to improve the view” from their tower.
So killing these guys off isn’t really a bad thing.
Though, as pointed out above, helping Roy and company move in ulitmately vindicates the residents of the towers views on ghouls. (at least this particular bunch anyway)

I went with the broker the deal route, and looking back, one conversation with Roy indicated that he would wind up screwin the residents over. He said something along the lines of “Everything’s up for grabs in the wasteland, you just have to be willing to take it and hold on to it”.
Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, and I know how the next play through is going to go…

He is. That angered me so much I decided to exterminate the ghouls. Then I took massive karma hits for doing so. I don’t like that quest line at all. There’s no outcome I approve of. I’m fine with the consequences of you being diplomatic turning out to be terrible. I’m not fine with being unable to pay the ghouls back in kind for their killing spree.

Odd, i had no problem opening the basement door. I tattletaled on Burke, and dismantled the bomb. When I got the TP towers and talked to the old man, I blew him away.
The lead guard is now in charge and is such a bigot, I just decided that I’d let the ghouls have at it. Dashwood really? Manservant? He was just as nasty as the others.

You obviously didn’t talk with him long enough. The guy was neither a bigot nor an asshole, like the other Tenpenny Tower residents. That was kind of the point of the quest, I think, though - that you can’t judge on appearances. The ghouls seemed like the clear good guys, oppressed for their condition - until you put them in a position of power, and they immediately kill everyone, including a whole lot of people who were genuinely happy to have them move in. I like that it wasn’t a clear cut thing, these guys are good, these guys are evil. Complexity may not leave you feeling like a white knight on a stallion, but it’s a hell of a lot more realistic.

You don’t just kill Burke and Tenpenny, you end up killing everyone in Tenpenny Towers. I’m sure not every single one of those people are rotten assholes.