Fallout 4 Spoiler Thread

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[$poiler=the ending of se7en]
it was gwyneth's head in the box!

Looks like:

the ending of se7en

it was gwyneth’s head in the box!

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I’ll go first. Didn’t get to play long, so this is very early.

red rocket gas station

The computer talks about a cave; I circumnavigated the gas station and couldn’t find it. What up with that, yo?

Aw, man! Why did I come into this thread!? Now I know there is a gas station somewhere!

Nobody else playing yet? Wowsers.

It unlocks in about an hour for everyone too lazy to use a VPN.


Pipfall and Red Menace are genius.

That is all.

I’d feel pretty dumb paying for a VPN service to play a game I can just play for nothing extra in an hour. :)

Why pay, there are loads of free ones to use!!

Spent one hour yesterday trying to find a working free VPN. Played about two hours after that before I had to eat something or perish.

I don’t mind the changes to the power suit considering my play style is more small guns with lots of stealth. Though it did feel quite awesome jumping off that roof.

I really dislike the Power suit, is there a need to wear it or can it just be dumped asap.

I went ahead to the gas station and dumped it. I must say it’s quite disappointing how fast you get access to the power suit. More and sooner action for the console crowd, I guess.

You can take it off by holding down E, as well.

It’s very powerful but short duration. Major change from previous fallouts.

It’s there, circumnavigate it again at a slightly more distance, past a slope.

Yep I found it eventually, thanks. The entrance was actually labeled on the local map.

Is there anything interesting in the quarry east of Red Rocket, near the starting area? Apart from the minor quest. I mean, there HAS to be some treasure on there at the bottom of the water body, but I can’t find shit.

Oh God - do not use those, they are NOT FREE.

I used a free 3 day trial to VyprVPN, no problem. Works fine for activating a game, although obviously not free long-term.

Yep I used that and then uninstalled immediately.

I used the trial user of FlyVPN lots of times at this point, it works perfectly.

first quest

So doesn’t it seem like powered armor, minigun, and a tank-like deathclaw are a bit over the top for the first real quest of the game? I assumed I was supposed to be able to beat the damn thing in stand-up combat since I was handed these powerful weapons, and now I have no appetite for doing one of these crazy run-away-from-the-boss fights. I hope the rest of the game isn’t like this.