Fallout 4

Don’t count on it. They might pick up a few pointers. No way they will go to multi faction RPG design.

You mean like they did in Skyrim?

I love Wild West settings so I’m sure that had a lot to do with me liking it more. The dialog options and such were sooooo much better in NV. The setting being in DC would be fine with me as long as they have better dialog options and keep the cool things like the hardcore mode. They did a really great job of pulling some of the best mods from F3 and implimenting them into FNV.

Every game they have released has been better then the last for me so I’m thinking it’s going to be great. Skyrim has eaten so much of my time it’s mind boggling.

I’ve been hoping for Wildwood, New Jersey. All the buildings could be done in Googie.

I think if something can finance the development of their own engine, it will be Skyrim, not Rage.

Exactly: they picked up a few pointers from Fallout and Nehrim (may have been coincidence) but skipped the Obsidian style faction juggling metagame from New Vegas.

ahem Yes, you see what I did there.

I just hope this new area is colorful. I am tired of brown / grey worlds. I recently re-played Fallout 3 with a bunch of mods like FWE and MMM. I had a blast. I hope in this new game they take a more Skyrim approach and allow you to change the world more (while continuing to play in it).

The only big gripe I had about F3 was the “walls” in the destroyed city. That was the fact that for block after block you could not go in some direction because of the rubble of destroyed buildings. It made navigating around DC quite maddening.

The real question I have on a Bethesda revisit to the Fallout universe is not so much location or mechanics, but – has the FO world itself changed in any significant way? The argument is getting a bit hoary, but jeez, folks, it’s been hundreds of years since the apocalypse in FO3 and FNV. Everything scavengeable should have been scarfed up already. All that drywall just sitting around in ruins should have been torn down for new structures. Etc. etc. etc. FO3 and FONV design is stuck firmly in the FO1/FO2 time setting, although they occur much, much later.

Then again Bethsoft doesn’t seem too worried about time having any significant factor in their games – Tamriel is essentially the same place from Arena to Skyrim with only the names of the players changing, although Ye Olde Unending Enlightened Medievalism is an old fantasy trope (nobody’s figured out gunpowder in thousands of years? Really.)

The NCR (New California Republic) in FO:NV is directly from the activities from Fallout 1 and 2. However yes, it does seem the world is somewhat stuck in a non-changing manner although perhaps both games take place in a similar time-frame.

As to all the “Scavengable Loot” you find, do you remember where you found the loot in the first place? Was it lying in a dirt road or perhaps in a pile of junk? No it was not. Usually it was on a shelf or in a container. At some point it may have been just laying around, but it was scavenged by someone and then placed in said container or shelf for you to find.

This doesn’t explain Nuke Cola or Sunny Sarsaparilla machines being full. With regards to why things would not have rotted away, that would be all the radiation. Organic matter rots because of various organisms, such as mold, bacteria, or bugs. If everything is radiated, all that shit dies. This is why 200 year old Salisbury steak is still “fresh” and you get 5 rads from eating it.

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I agree about the lack of change, but there is a sort of logical explanation for some of it. If you read between the lines, its implied that DC had a period of recovery and then collapsed back to mostly anarchy. So that sort of explains that. And the idea in New Vegas is that its on the edge of civilization and has only recently been repopulated (outside of the city, anyway).

Personally I always thought they should have set Fallout 3 on the east coast but at the same time as Fallout 1. But if they’d done that they would have not been able to use the classic Fallout elements like Super Mutants and the Brotherhood since Fallout 1/2 established those as orginating out west. So we end up with this shoe-horned explanation.

At any rate, I’m expecting Boston as the setting of the next game. It won’t be as evocative as the ruins of DC are, but then nothing would be. Three Dog could have easily made the move since the Broken Steel DLC already established that one of the scientists moved took off for The Commonwealth.

Where is the commonwealth? That seems like it might be an interesting setting for a fallout game, especially since they have enough tech to be producing life-like androids.

It’s Massachusetts, and the place that makes (and oppresses) the Androids is MIT which is somehow protected from the Wasteland. Should make for a fun Fallout with a harder science fiction bent – rise up robots and throw off your oppressors!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lots of American history there, too, fits with the Americana aspect of the series. Boston/Cambridge/New England would be a neat setting.

I’d love to see the Commonwealth expanded on.

Also, count me among those who liked the faction-ness of New Vegas. I think it made for better role-playing.

And I know this probably won’t happen, but I’m hoping they do away with the Karma system.

I thought they bought id to build Idtech5 or whatever its called for them. Building an engine is expensive so they tacked a game on that (Rage) to get some revenue.

I’m still hoping for an eventual return to the Chicago area since there are several already-established links to various factions. There’s a BoS splinter group out there, the remains of Vault 0 (whatever bits are considered canon), an Enclave outpost, and likely some elements of the Legion.

Really, it’s how they just haphazardly threw the lore around for the rule of coolthat got to me in FO3. Even in FO1, you had elements of clawing civilization back from the wasteland, much less FO2 where it was the central theme. Instead, it’s like 80 years later, but decades earlier in progress.

Like, little lamplight, how the fuck does that even work.

Again, there are hints that things were better and then fell apart, mainly that guy who is the topic of the radio serial. If you read his journal there are references to communities that don’t exist anymore, as well as a bad plague.

But I agree about Little Lamplight - there is no explanation about what the hell is going on there beyond how it started. How have they not been taken over? Why do the older kids leave? Where do the younger kids come from?

It warms my heart to hear confirmation that there will be a Fallout 4. We all knew it was being developed. It was a pretty open secret. And yet, it still feels good to hear it. I don’t know why. I just love this series so much. I loved the original games, and I loved what Bethesda did with Fallout 3.

Hopefully I’ll get to play Fallout: New Vegas before Fallout 4 comes out though. Since it keeps killing my PC, I might have to buy it again on the Xbox in order to really play through it.