Fallout 4

It’s sort of gratifying to read other players’ feelings on the factory. I played it as a stealthy pistol guy and basically cakewalked through the place headshotting everyone.

Also, I ignored power armor except to cross the radioactive desert area to get through the story.

Other than the deathclaw in the beginning of the game, I didn’t use it in the 50 or so hours I played. But I did make the idiotic decision to park every power armor I found at my base, which was in the upper left corner of the map.

In retrospect, this is a really stupid decision because if I ever wanted to use power armor, I would have to go to the upper left corner of the map to go get it. If I wanted to store it in a spot, I should have made a base near the center of the map and kept them there.

I mean, just think about the amount of battery I wasted just taking them all to the upper left corner. And then the amount it would take to bring it to wherever I would need it. Sheesh. I think I had them all in a line, 8 or 9 power armors in a row. They looked pretty, though.

I was the stealthy pistol guy at the factory too. But it was on the hardest difficulty, so it took a looooong time and it was really hard and I died a LOT at the factory and got through it with the holy power of saving and loading.

Lol… I did the exact same thing. I positioned all the power armors I came across in neat rows on the roof of the Red Rocket gas station. It looked really cool at night when they were lit up.

Hahahah! Glad I’m not the only one lol.

I didn’t use them but I too collected them.

I too only used power armor for the Concord Deathclaw fight.
Then I usually do the Minutemen quests. I eventually make it down to the factory. Then even more eventually, I go to Diamond City.
Last time I played the up-close sword type. Stimpaks are your friend.

Now that I got my new computer up and running, this thread makes me want to install it again!

Yep, weapon mods came out due to a popular fan mod.

Geez, you don’t have to use PA at low levels. I never touch it after Concord and I have no problems.

This is just like the myth that you have to do the Minuteman quests and build settlements, and it is just as wrong.

I built a giga-settlement where every settler’s home had it’s own set of power armor parked in the driveway. It was mostly for aesthetics, but I liked it.

Never really used it when playing the game - more because it wasn’t really necessary than anything. I had fusion cores coming out of my ass, but my brain instinctively preserves anything that burns fuel to use.

Well I used power armor at low levels (1-20) And it makes the early game a lot smoother. Almost as if it was meant to be.

I also couldn’t help but notice before a boss fight there is a power armor repair station…

Dying over and over without PA got old. I am high enough level now I can ditch it but the extra carry weight is too useful.

The extra carry weight is a crutch.

My most used command in Bethesda games is player.modav carryweight 9001.

Yes, I am a hoarder.

Umm, okay.

I only use 3 guns. Pistol, and two different semi-auto riles. One is a sniper rifle. Three ammo types.

And I still find carry weight to be an issue. Also I actually want to pick up loads of junk to build settlements.

Love carrying a sniper rifle, and a rapid fire rifle of some type.

In these games the thing for me is to have weapons that can use all the ammo types, or at least all the common ones. I hate having tons of ammo I don’t use! Of course, I eventually just don’t pick up, say, .38 ammo, but most of the time I run around with a weapon for every ammo type. Which is pretty silly.

Yeah, I don’t do that. Also I am playing on survival so ammo has weight. 1 rocket launcher missile = 7 lbs!

Don’t missiles and mini-nukes always have weight? Same as grenades and mines.

I collect all ammo, just in case that perfect weapon comes along. Towards the end I am dumping everything I haven’t used though.

Most of this conversation on the “you don’t need power armor!” side is pretty much just people telling you they aren’t playing on survival.

I already know that. In fact I have the upper hand having done both now.