Fallout 4

I never use PA and I always play on survival. Sneak is much more useful in general.

To each their own, but talk about an exercise in masochism.

And it’s not like you can’t sneak in power armor. I mean, you shouldn’t be able to, but you totally can.

It’s hilarious how easy the game gets once you get to around level 20ish.

Heavily modded guns that destroy start to drop instead of shitty pipe guns. Might be able to fast track this a little bit with Gun Nut.

The difficultly really shifts dramatically. I am downing death claws with ease now.

Nope, I always play on survival, and rarely ever use power armor. I guess some of us are just better at the game that you think we are :)

No, it’s not. If you play intelligently, you don’t need power armor, not even close. You can almost always initiate combat on your own terms. Sniping, sneaking, mines, grenades, legendary weapons, companions - there are lots of ways to even the odds, even in survival. Heck you can even call in assistance from the various factions if they like you - I hardly ever do that, but it’s there if you want.

Heck, I even play with spawn mods that give more enemies, and mods that make the Super Mutants, raiders and Gunners more powerful - all without using PA.

Yeah, I never play with Power Armor - its so annoying, and I’ve completed all parts of the game, and the DLC. Its not remotely needed.

If powerarmor was more carefully balanced and less annoying, it would be pretty cool as another tool in the toolbox. Make it so you aren’t swapping out power cells every few seconds, make it so you can’t sneak, make it actually give the protection it should, make it less claustrophobic to wear, make it so you can’t haul it around in your backpack, stuff like that. Maybe.

I would much prefer for power armor to go back to how it was in F3 / F:NV. No batteries, no clunky suit.

I could live with that.

So you convinced me to reinstall F4. Downloaded Vortex and found several of my favorite mods. Been playing for a couple days now.
Decided to go with the Infiltrator build that is easily found on the web. He’s basically a sneaky pistol guy.
Went to Concord and freed the wandering survivors. The power armor was good enough to take out the Deathclaw at level 5. Then at level 7, I cleared out the Corvega factory. It’s not that hard. Just kill one or two bad guys with the 10mm pistol. Back out behind full cover and wait for VATS to refill. A well-timed molotov cocktail can severely wound or kill a few when they’re bunched together.
Our hero is now level 9 and has decided to learn Sim Settlements to see how that works. It sure is confusing at first. I’ve watched a couple of the official videos, but it still seems opaque. Don’t know if I’ll like it yet or not.

I’m going to try a Sim Settlements (2) run on my next playthrough as well, so I’m curious what your overall take on it is; the concept seems cool and something I should like, but my old brain doesn’t handle complexity too well these days, lol.

I really enjoyed power armor in Fallout 4, because I’d been wanting driveable vehicles in the Fallout series for a long time (not counting the car in FO2 with the buggy trunk). A vehicle could be a beast of burden, a force multiplier, a distance eraser, a home away from home. Companions fill some of the gaps, but not all of them. I’d love to zoom across the mutant wasteland with a – once unlocked or earned – motorcycle or V-8 Interceptor or robot camel, or soar through the air in a gyrocopter or BoS gunship or rocket glider like Nausicaä.

I liked that power armor was mostly optional but, if you could keep them fueled, a very powerful option. Hauling more loot alone made them a modern timesaver no family should be without, even if many families had to make do.

I liked that they were big and clunky and something to clamber inside instead of a super suit to slip on.

The thing with power armor in the 3D Fallouts is it never felt as powerful as it was in Fallout 1 & 2, especially in Fallout 3 where it is actually crap and combat armor is better. I mean it doesn’t even make up for it’s own weight for crying out loud.

For carry weight, I just used a console command to fix that. I disliked the decision that you needed all this junk loot to craft everything and that it weighed stuff. You needed to collect it all because who knows what you might need in the future.

Also another decision to use carry weight cheats was the fact that loot like guns and armor sold for a tiny fraction of its value. In F3 and F:NV selling a gun could net you a lot of caps, but in F4, a gun that you could buy for like 5000 caps might only sell for like 25 caps. It was ridiculous. So I said fuck that and made my carry weight like 100000.

Sim Settlements has been a mixed bag so far. Actually, mostly a net negative.

I decided to turn Sanctuary into the first Sim controlled settlement. I picked the city plan and made Preston the town leader. When I came back to town, the armor and weapon stations were gone! Considering that I had just taken my first pick in Gun Nut, I was a bit miffed. The main workshop was still there, but the cooking station had been moved and practically hidden in some bushes. So my next perk went into Local Leader so I could run a supply line from Sanctuary to Red Rocket. There are gun and armor benches there.

The other thing I’m not sure about is where I’m supposed to sleep. None of the settlers’ beds allow me to sleep in them. I decided to use the cellar behind one of the houses for my personal house. Except it doesn’t give you the well rested bonus. I’m not sure what will happen if I just build a bed in one of the rooms, but that’s what I did yesterday. Don’t know if it will mess up the programming for the town upgrade path. Sanctuary is now 63% of the way to upgrading to a level 1 settlement. Not sure what’s going to happen then.

So, I’m just playing along, completing quests, exploring new places, and generally doing what I would have been doing anyway. Except that I don’t build anything in Sanctuary. Seems like a letdown so far. I hope more interesting things come along down the road.

Sim Settlements largely doesn’t seem to care if you do manual settlement building stuff but I won’t swear it never glitches anything. You actually kind of have to, early on, since you don’t unlock the plot types that supply some key resources until later. And nothing built by Sim Settlement systems is a regular game object that you can interact with like the stuff you can put down. It’s all cosmetic with funky behind-the-scenes stat stuff going on. Which is unfortunate but probably necessary for it to work without bizarre physics glitches or the player accidentally breaking stuff.

They don’t recommend using it with Sanctuary, FWIW. Or at least, if you do, don’t do it with Red Rocket or…uh, there’s another nearby settlement whose name I forget, either. Buggy interactions, apparently.

As to it not being very exciting…there’s controls for how much it expects you to interact with it - you might have them set a bit low for your particular tastes. But just remember, a substantial audience for the mod was people like me who want the settlement system to leave them the fuck alone, but still have settlements happen at all. The point - for me at least - was never to increase the amount of gameplay associated with settlements. I can’t speak to the intentions of the people making it, obviously.

I am using Sim Settlements 2 and I have no fucking idea what you shitheads are even talking about.

Perhaps it’s problems people have run into specifically with the city planner aspect, which seems like an optional aspect. You haven’t had any issues, I take it?

To my knowledge it is just placing different plots using A-sams. Forget the in-world spelling but it’s all wrapped in a Vault-Tec vs Robco byzantine megacorp power game. The guy is a bit of a douche nozzle though but I can’t help but like his endless enthusiasm.

ASAM. But he absolutely pronounces it a-sam.