Fallout 4

The lost ending of Fallout 4:

“Oh boy! The thread bumped! Must be a release date for the next…gen…upda…well, fuck.”

and now I bumped it, too! Sorry!

Whatever happened to Fallout: London?

April 23, 2024. It will probably need its own thread at that point, lest we keep making 138 think the next-gen update is out.

Heh. Good to know. I fiddled with the little demo they had and it seemed they were pretty good with the tech, etc.


(kidding, of course)

I was really hoping we might be getting the next gen update to drop with the Amazon series, but I guess it’s not to be. I’ve been holding off on playing Fallout 4 because of that.

edit: Finally! Coming April 25 -

Fallout 4 is Getting Free Updates (bethesda.net)

The bump I’ve been waiting for!

EDIT: …and how 'bout them Next-Gen visuals, eh? They seriously couldn’t hire one of the hundreds of people who made mods for better looking characters?

Oh, does that mean their majesty Bethesda finally deems to fix the Weapon Debris-related issues that prevent their game from running on any modern GPU unless turned off?

Yeah, yeah, I know…“there’s a mod for that!”. That’s the solution to nearly every Bethesda problem.
Looks bad? “Mod!”
Doesn’t run? “There’s a mod!”
Quest bugs? “Just mod it!”
Unable to have a meaningful romance with feral deathclaws? “Believe it or not, mods!”

Relying on the kindness of fanboys to fix your broken messes isn’t quite the business model I’d want to subscribe to.

I thought this was going to be an Anniversary or Legendary Edition at $29.99.

Resolution bump and performance/quality modes for FREE sounds good to me, at least for Xbox.

you’re right, and I do appreciate that. It’s just that the characters were just so crappy looking, I’d figure they’d smooth out some rough edges. Although, those might be stills from the F4 initial release.

Oddly enough, the characters in Fallout games cease to bug me after a while. I just sort of stop seeing the suck I guess, though it is of course still there if I pull back and look for it.

This is also what happened at Bethesda.

No doubt :)

But it is exactly the kind of business model Bethesda will keep milking. The game basically fixes itself! So why put money into software engineering at all???

Yeah give the Fallout TV show (will binge in the weekend) I’m itching to replay FO4 or start FO76 finally.

Well, they got me. I watched the first episode of the TV show last night and then bought Fallout 4 GOTY Edition on sale this morning. I can’t believe this came out 8.5 years ago? New Vegas is the only Fallout game I have actually finished.

I’m a little confused at seeing that FO4 has a free HD Texture Pack (yay!) but reviews seem to trash that upgrade (boo!). The HD Texture Pack was released in 2017, so is it still a problem on modern systems? I have what is now a fairly mid system: i5-12600k, RTX 3070, 32 GB RAM.

It should work fine. Just grab it and give it a go. I ran it on a 2070 Super quite successfully.

I’m in. I never made it past the 2 hour mark on the game for some reason. I’ve always wanted to finish the story.

The HD pack just isn’t very good. There are much better HD mod packs.

Does anyone have a good curated mod list or something they use? Is there a Wabbajack that people like?