Fallout 4?

Thought we’d have heard SOMETHING by now…to quote the old song…

“What’s the buzz tell me what’s-a-happenin’”

I like the radio silence on it, personally. Just reveal it with a cool trailer when it’s close to release. Until then, don’t even announce it.

Hey, cool, a thread we can actually find use for in a year. Way to get a jump on things!

Yes, but now we’ll have to put up with that question mark even after release. Of course, at that time the question mark will signify “is it worth getting?”

And then later still it will signify “is the DLC worth it?”

And then later still it will signify “anyone still playing Fallout 4?”

And then later still it will signify “now that we’re in a real post-apocalypse, how inaccurate did Fallout 4 turn out to be compared to the real thing?”

So QT3 survives the apocalypse?

Yes, but you can only access it on your text-based terminal if your hacking skill is over 30.

I was actually being sarcastic - I think this thread is dumb. I came here originally assuming there was at least a new rumor, but it was just more whining. :(

Yeah, space is at a premium here - We need to hit down hard on those stupid people who post stuff like this.

If this board has space for Dave Perkins to post “pictures” of his truck hauling logs (and that’s not a euphemism!) then we have enough space to talk about the lack of information about Fallout 4!

I did some research on Bethesda’s release schedule for the last decade. They should have announced Fallout 4 in the spring with a fall release. They obviously did not. They’re clearly at least a year behind schedule, which is odd considering they’re very probably just going to use the Skyrim engine, anyway. I can only guess ESO had a bigger impact on their dev time than they’re willing to admit.

I don’t think ESO development set them back, but the “behind schedule” thing is probably more a function of Bethesda not wanting to step on their MMO launch. Going to guess that their internal development schedule planned on ESO having a larger impact than it did and put FO4 on a year-later release calendar.

Why should you want to know?
Don’t you mind about the future
Don’t you try to think ahead
Save tomorrow for tomorrow
Think about today instead

sorry, couldn’t resist. I’d like to see a Fallout 4, too. :)

It’s not about that - it’s about how I came to the forums and see a new thread about Fallout 4, so I assume there is some new info. Surprise! Just someone complaining about a lack of info. I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t a thing I was directly interested in myself!

Bethesda did not develop ESO so why would it have affected them?

Because Fallout 4 is (edit: will be) a year late and I’m not buying the “ESO had nothing to do with Bethesda” bullshit.

What I’m kinda wondering is if there’s gonna be a Fallout 4, where will it be set?
I felt that the setting of FO3/FO:NV already was stretching things more than a bit - why were there still all these unlooted cabinets with pre-war stuff around? If they move if a hundred years back again, it’ll almost become a bit silly.

On the other hand, if they move it back into the timeframes already covered (either by having games there or at least by mentioning what transpired somewhere) might cause all sorts of continuity problems.

Personally, I’d like to see a game set in a completely different place - like somewhere in Europe or Asia or wherever. This would give them a tremendous amount of creative freedom but also allow them to have a lot of familiar stuff appear.
Unfortunately, with Bethesda being a US developer and so many players being located there, I can’t see this happening.

My least favorite option would be a reboot of the franchise. But those are kinda the go-to option these days… :-/


It supposedly set in Boston.

Ah, thanks MrTibbs, I’d missed that (or forgot about it). Kinda disappointing, but ah well, not unexpected.
It’s still not clear in which year it’ll be set though, right?


It could be pretty fun to have a new setting such as Boston. Post-apocalypse snow storms? Rad-abominable snowmen? Did Boston accents survive the war?

Fallout 4 has not even been announced, it cannot be “late”. The fact that ESO was not developed by the team that traditionally works on the single player Elder Scrolls games is pretty definitive proof that ESO has nothing to do with the development of a Fallout 4. It really, truly is a completely different team. It’s not even the same developer.