Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


Hey can anyone tell me how I pull my photos to a local machine from in game?


Everyone don’t forget to look at the ground for better framerates!



Ah, memories of EQ and DAOC raids where you healed by looking at the floor and clicking on the UI of a healing mod, in order to avoid a pure slide show.


If your FPS is borked go from borderless to full screen.


I cannot believe how much time I spent with Fallout 4 and just cannot imagine playing this. How’s it doing? I mean if it ends up good I’ll run in but it just looked so messy. But the scenery looks nice and well it is the first Fallout to actually take place nearby …


I’ll get it when it goes on sale. Probably in a few weeks. It’s ok, but not super pressing when I have Hitman and RDR2


This looks really bad.


I love those mini RP communities that often form in online games:

So Many A True Nerd decided to build a camp specifically for newbies.

You have all of the basic necessities there: a purified water pump, a cooking station, and various workbenches to craft supplies. This, on its own, isn’t difficult to find in the overworld or even make yourself, but Many A True Nerd went further than that: anyone who walks by his camp gets offered free bespoke weapons, armor, and even free ammo. It’s wonderful.

Many A True Nerd is not alone in this sort of generosity. Last night, I was going around offering free beers to players around me. Other Fallout veterans, like Reddit user omnipsycho, are welcoming new players by building communities where people can meet and group up.


It’s really not. It’s basically the roaming parts of Fallout 4, with the rare player you see on the map.

The game hasn’t blown my socks off or anything but it’s not that bad, and it’s a lot more Fallout 4ish than I expected.


Game is pretty decent. It definitely feels like playing Fallout 4 without the freebie fast travel (you have to pay credits to fast travel). There are a lot of clever mechanics that I think alot of survival games should borrow, mainly the camping and where you place is big. You can place your camp almost anywhere or on predetermined areas, which then leads to the pvp mechanic. Since dying isn’t a big deal, and you don’t lose much in pvp, I can see this game actually lasting longer since it isn’t so punishing… seems to be a love it hate it game.


I had a decent night playing this last night, but didn’t feel that “must play!” compulsion I usually get with a new game. I will say I’ve never seen a survival game with this many quests in it (any quests in it?) And every time I do one, I end up with two more. I’ts kind of odd, because I really don’t know where to start a base, or why I would bother at the beginning. Base building is usually the bread n butter of survival games, and so far there isn’t much need.


That exactly describes my experience. It’s been a decent experience, but there’s been no hint of a hook for me.


I may have accidentally joined a secret super hero group, the army, kickstarted the raiders and joined the firefighters and a responder group. And only now I am figuring out these are supposed to be intro quests for these factions. This weekend I will try to join the enclave and figure out my build.

I dont want to move my base anymore. My base is next to the deathclawd island and is basically a deathclaws poacher base.

I am in love with this game, no reason.


A few hours in…

It’s Fallout 4.5, with other human beings running around, most of whom ignore each other (at this point).

There are concessions to online play with local events and stuff.

All the expected jank and cruft from the beyond-creaky underlying engine is there. I had the game soft lock last night just looking at a monitor, because the controlling script broke.

What surprising is how little the game is surprising. It’s exactly what you’d expect. Skyrim with guns, now with other people.

Crafting has been expanded a bit in terms of stuff you can make etc. but the kludgy, awful, no-good UI has not changed one whit.

The world-building, Bethsoft’s strength, is present and accounted for.

The other people part:

  • PVP not enabled until level 5
  • “Accidental” shooting does limited damage unless the shootee shoots back, then it’s full Dick Cheney time
  • Something along the lines of the above murderousness results in an area-wide and very publicly-announced “Wanted” status.


Jim Sterling is, not surprisingly, not a fan.


Servers going down is one thing, hey, it was launch day right? But rollbacks are not OK. That’s just infuriating.


I can’t help but agree with everything he was saying, but that’s based on what he was showing and what I’ve read. I think it’s ill-conceived. It has potential though, and could become something cool at some point, maybe. There are some things I like, such as leveling up and getting perk cards to pick from or however that works, that seems fun. Lots of weapons and mods and cool junk to loot, sure that’s alright of course. The bubblegum that came in a pack of Perk cards was oddly endearing, with the funny little gag in there. But the actual gameplay left me sort of cold and the technical issues would be frustrating, especially after coming off of Pathfinder and not being able to wrap that up due to technical issues. I don’t think I’m ready for an experience like that just yet.


If they polish the experience, improve framerates, their server infrastructure, and other technical issues, remove all the survival crap where you need to cook and eat food and garbage like that, allow solo play with zero other PCs in your instanced world, and add NPCs with factions and story-rich faction questlines into the game, I’ll buy it.


So you’re saying there’s a chance!


Again, kid and I played 3 hours yesterday. Started a new character…seemed to be more enemies closer to the start area…that was good…a little more danger. We both like it, will play off and on to get higher levels and power armor…not something I would pick over RDD or AC:O but it’s fun with the kid.