Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


If you liked the exploration and wandering around part of Fallout 4, it’s more of that.


Ok, so I just discovered I had about 60 lbs of Pre-war Money in my Stash! Like Fallout 4, it is considered “junk” so when you do a quick transfer of all your junk (before scrapping) the money goes along with it. I just pulled it out all of the stash and scrapped it into Raw Cloth and then crafted it into Cloth Bundles which apparently sell pretty well at a vendor bot. Whew, I can play again… :)


Also, make use of the “Bulk” crafting, where you can combine bunches of components with some plastic to make bulk units that weigh less. Helps some.

How do you enter a session with someone else? Do you both just log in and then “join” from friend menu?


I like how this game do explosions


Kill a wendigo while wearing a clown costume.


Yeah, pretty simple. Friend them under Social menu and then you’ll be able to join their session, or vice versa.


Gamestop will be selling F76 for $40 starting on Wednesday 11/21 at 8PM.

I would probably bite at fifteen bucks.


Record TTBB (Time To Bargain Bin)?


7 full days of release. ;)


I have a question and I looked briefly for an answer and am still not sure. Let’s say you go onto a server solo (23 other people I take it): Are those other 23 strange people going to be there everyday? Same people? They’ll end up being less stranger after awhile I guess if so. What ends up being persistent if that is not the case? And what about your home?


I’ll have to check, but Wolfenstein II was really quick last year too. It came out right before Black Friday sales, and then was pretty cheap during those sales.

Same publisher. Even when they come out right before Thanksgiving, they don’t want to miss out on the bargain hunters.


Hmm, good question. When you log in, it says “world found,” which is sort of ambiguous but could mean it searched for and found any random shard with capacity. And I’ve not run into that many other players, but looking on the map where everyone is shown as a dot, the names don’t seem to be the same ones AFAIK. What is persistent is your character level, stuff, quest status, etc. all centered on you. Now, what happens if, say, I build a camp in spot X one day, and log in the next day and am assigned to a shard where, somehow, some other player has also built a camp at place X? No clue; it is possible that there is some weird way to make that stuff persistent. But I really don’t know.


When does the review embargo lift?


Pretty sure the server is chosen randomly at logon. This was actually suggested (by Bethesda) as a solution to get away from players that may be bothering you on any particular server.


There was no embargo. Some reviews have already come out. I assume other reviewers are taking more time to see more endgame stuff.

Everyone got access at the same time when the servers went live.


I think GuildBoss has the right of it. My husband and I play this together (PS4), and when we each log in, we seem to get assigned to a random server. Once we party up to play together, one of us ends up getting moved to the other’s server. (Whichever server the party leader is on.)



Hansey ty. That is sorta too bad in a way, I could see it being sorta odd fun playing with your 23 bunch of crazy strangers though everything. I take it then what you have done persists onto a new server everytime.

Sort of an odd concept. I hope it works.


I’d be pissed too if strangers were filming me on the sly and then posting it to the internet.


It does, though I’m not really sure how that works. Like, my camp is always just where I left it, as is my spouse’s. I’m not sure what would happen if it tried to put me on a server where someone happened to have their camp in the exact same location. (Extremely unlikely, but possible, I suppose.) Maybe it checks when choosing a server to make sure your “stuff” won’t interfere with someone else’s, and if it does it picks a different server? Would that mean we’d both have to get sent to a different server then? I have no idea!

Maybe we should do an experiment - both of us should log on to separate servers, move our camps to the exact same location and then group up… and see what happens, hehe.