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I think GuildBoss has the right of it. My husband and I play this together (PS4), and when we each log in, we seem to get assigned to a random server. Once we party up to play together, one of us ends up getting moved to the other’s server. (Whichever server the party leader is on.)



Hansey ty. That is sorta too bad in a way, I could see it being sorta odd fun playing with your 23 bunch of crazy strangers though everything. I take it then what you have done persists onto a new server everytime.

Sort of an odd concept. I hope it works.


I’d be pissed too if strangers were filming me on the sly and then posting it to the internet.


It does, though I’m not really sure how that works. Like, my camp is always just where I left it, as is my spouse’s. I’m not sure what would happen if it tried to put me on a server where someone happened to have their camp in the exact same location. (Extremely unlikely, but possible, I suppose.) Maybe it checks when choosing a server to make sure your “stuff” won’t interfere with someone else’s, and if it does it picks a different server? Would that mean we’d both have to get sent to a different server then? I have no idea!

Maybe we should do an experiment - both of us should log on to separate servers, move our camps to the exact same location and then group up… and see what happens, hehe.


The say if you are logged into a server where your camp space is taken, you can then place it anywhere you want.

I don’t even make a camp as you can fast travel anywhere and use those other stations all over the world. Maybe at higher level it will mean something.



That was awesome.


Why was he filming some other guy’s return transaction?


I assume there was an argument when he tried for a refund.


LOL that gamestop video is amazing. I love how the store clerk answers the phone and acts like nothing at all is happening. Almost feels staged though.


I finished this game, took around 42 hours. A lof of fun. Almost no bugs.



Back to inventory/stash management… check your Gunpowder and Bobby Pins. These tend to accumulate if you’re not careful.


Well, the video may or may not be staged, but there’s no mystery about return policies. They’re pretty strict and even more so for a multiplayer game I’d assume; if you buy a physical copy when you register it at Bethesday.net, isn’t it sort of tied then to your account, etc.?

I have no issue with the way the game handles shards and multiplayer in general, but I do think their implementation feels a bit half-baked. AFAIK, there’s no way to limit voice comms to just your group, and I always hear groups of people chatting when they are in proximity and it is really weird and confusing. I suppose one could, say, use the in-game chat on one key and have another push to talk key (while using Teamspeak or Discord or something) for your friends, but that starts to get wonky.


Beyond the sort of nifty aspect of building your own Unibomber cabin, fast travel to your camp costs zero caps, while every other fast travel jaunt has a cost based on distance. You can also make things more convenient by having all the crafting stations right there, along with a water purifier and crops, so it can save you effort and money.


Well that is not a good start. It’s in the UK, but the UK isn’t wildly different than the US when it comes to sales trends.

I would expect more price drops very quickly. I doubt it’ll be more than $30 in January.


That’s some fuzzy math. They’re comparing an online-only spinoff sales figures to Fallout 4. They’re also only able to track physical sales, and Fallout 4 was released in 2015. The trend of digital sales has only increased since then (and again, this is an online game. I would not be surprised if digital sales were a bit higher as a percentage for those).

I would be very surprised if Bethesda expected this to move units like a direct sequel to Fallout 4 or Skyrim.


You know those ratings systems are flawed. They don’t take into account households that have more than two television sets!


That got a good laugh out of me, thanks for that. :)

I still stand by my statement, though. Tracking physical sales in 2015 for a sequel to Fallout 3 versus physical sales of an online-only multiplayer game in 2018 is going to be inaccurate. I realize that’s all they’re able to do, but I don’t think the sky is falling for Bethesda or anything. I would certainly hope the had a smaller sales target for this than Fallout 4!


You’re probably right, but I doubt they expected it to sell 80% fewer copies.

IMO they should have held it until February and shipped a much cleaner game. I’ve been watching a lot of streamers play and they are constantly hitting all kinds of bugs, small and large.

I don’t hold it against Bethesda for trying something new and going multiplayer only, but rushing an incomplete game out for the holiday season should be punished.


Yeah, a few more months in the oven certainly would have helped. Of course, I level those complaints at all of Bethesda’s releases, it seems like. So maybe they’re just staying true to form? ;)

Publishers can’t help themselves, though, they gotta get that sucker shipped before the holidays.