Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


A Fallout 76 jacket would look fantastic hanging next to my Godfather 3 and Blues Brothers 2000 pullovers.


Anyone wearing that jacket should get a punch in the face for being so dumb to spend that much money on it. ;)



I have a collection of things like this: signed Daikatana poster, boxed copy of LawBreakers, etc. It belongs in my sick museum!


Now we’re talking.


HA HA! You’re Romero’s bitch!


I sucked it down :(


That doesn’t make you a bad person. :)


Eh, leather jackets (assuming this is, actually, leather) fall into that price range quite often, and many of them at that price point aren’t exactly Armani, if you know what I mean. So just on the basic cost of the commodity, it’s not a terrible price. If the jacket is actually well-made, it’s a decent price for a good looking leather jacket.


That’s a dyed leather jacket. As we all know, there are no blue cows. Dyed leather has issues. It also might be painted leather. One way or the other, the finish will fall off or crack badly.

$279 for that. Bad move.


That jacket looks like shit.





I mean where did everyone think Blue Cheese came from?


I just figured it kind of showed up once in a blue moon.


Well, I didn’t say that particular jacket is all that good, but I have seen a fair number of dyed leather jackets that were pretty decent. I do agree though that I would never pay nearly three hundred smackers for it, but that’s because it looks ugly. To clarify, the price would be ok if a) the jacket looked good, and b) it was well made. Not having seen/touched it, I can’t tell, but I think I am now persuaded that no, it’s neither well made nor attractive.

Carry on.


I have a Fallout Boy bobble head and a Fallout Lunchbox. They are both very well made. The new stuff seems to be of… lesser quality.


Some of us live in a country where people think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Do we really know that there aren’t people out there who love their blue cows. I mean there’s always Babe.


Well, Babe was an ox, but yeah, I think you may be on to something.


Hardcore PvP mode coming.


When I see hardcore I think permadeath, this is just a standard PvP switch and all PvP players are separate from PvE ones, which is obviously what the game should have had from the very beginning rather than its stupid pacifist flag and various mechanics enabling grief play.


There really isn’t any of that in game. When you do actually see someone, they typically don’t even react to you. There is hardly ever any interactions with other players at all.

I think segmenting this game into PVP and PVE servers makes a lot more sense. Make the PVP servers have better rewards, but more open PVP, and people can have fun with the higher risk/reward of playing there. Leave the PVE server people to enjoy the solo or co-op story experience. Should have been this way from the start.


If people aren’t even griefing, that means the game is on its last legs already.