Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

You know me so well!

For me, the big difference between Fullscreen and Borderless Window mode is that alt-tabbing a Fullscreen game incurs a 1-3s delay, whereas alt-tabbing a Borderless Window game is instant. And I alt-tab all the time.

Exclusive Fullscreen historically ekes more performance and usually suppresses notifications.

So I played for a several hours, on the free week. It felt like Fallout, with random folks with weird names running around. I had zero interactions with other players. Does that change or is that one of the issues with the game very limited interaction between players?

One silly interface question what’s the command to bring up the favorites wheel. Not being able to figure that out got me killed a couple of times.

More importantly, how do I play with IRL friends or QT3s. Do you characters live on single server or can they be easily transferred?

I think it was the mousewheel. But each slot on that wheel has a keybind so I just used that once assigned.

Each server is like 24 people, and you are randomly assigned a server every time you log in, as I understand it. If you pair up before hand, from the main menu social tab, you will log into the server your partner is on I think (though I have no idea what happens if that server is already full–it sends both of you to another one?). The fact that you are on a different server each time you play is why your camp sometimes isn’t set up and you have to redeploy it–someone is in your spot!

And yes, the limited nature and frequency of interactions with other players is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. But in all the 100+ hours I put in before moving to some other stuff for a while, I think I had a mere handful of significant interactions with anyone.

I too installed it for the free week. Some other guy started around the same time I did and was shadowing me as he did the same quests. At one he went down, so I went over and revived him with a stimpack.

Yay interacting!

Thanks. I restarted and had much easier time,quickly got level 5. I’m sort of like you the game is fun, mostly because I loved the whole crafting part of Fallout 4 (the rest of the game not as much).

But after talking to my friend, who was in the beta and quit in disgust shortly afterwards, I think their design philosophy it is truly bizzare. 24 players on a server, not being interact with the same people. I guess I’m just echoing the frustrations of many players on the thread.

It is really pity because playing a MMO in Fallout world has a lot of appeal to me, one of the very few MMO that have had any appeal in the last decade or so since I stopped playing them.

Oh and bringing up the favorites wheel if F (found completely by accident)

Fallout 76 isn’t an MMO, and it isn’t a single player game. It’s an unfortunate Manbearpig.

Looks like an incompetent half assed asset flip of their own Fallout 4 with pointless online glommed into it to serve as copy protection and to re-sell things in MTX players used to get for free.

I think I am done for now. Maybe it will be better once human NPCs are added back in.

Me currently:


I’m wondering now if should waste my time playing FO 76 or I’m better of just going back and really finishing Fallout IV. I didn’t like Fallout IV nearly as well as New Vegas, which is the only Fallout game I finished more than once and even finished several expansions. But I never actually finished the main quests of Fallout IV, so I’m probably better off finishing that then exploring Fallout 76…

I’m at the very left side of the Chick Parabola on FO 76, and probably near the top of the parabola of FO IV. But I know the height of the Chick Parabola is much higher for FO IV than 76, some complicated math.

Actually fuck all this. What I really want is for Bethesda to give me FO V, or Skyrim II, or make an actual MMO and not this weird ass hybrid…

I got a lot of fun out of Fallout '76, and I may return to it at some point, as there are aspects of it that re very good. “Weird ass hybrid,” though, perfectly describes it. It feels very much as if they had a good single player game onto which someone force-welded multiplayer and microtransactions.

How big is the install?

On Xbox it was around 68 GB I think. I haven’t been able to get past the character creation yet. Every time I’ve tried, I get a little ways in, but get interrupted. I have to pause the game, when I come back the server has timed out, because you can’t really pause the game because it’s always online. So I have to start over next time since I haven’t finished the character creation progress.

LK I didn’t even try. Just still seems like a mess. I may grab it on steam with the real npcs in a year.

It doesn’t sound like there was any worthwhile use for always-online. Didn’t think of the no pausing. That sounds like a pain.

I tried it out during the free week as well. I like it. Feels like more Fallout 4 to me.

I got past the character creation area today. Very nice opening area. It does feel like an expansion to Fallout 4 so far.

Yeah, I tried it now during the free weekend. It has some interesting concepts, but ultimately it falls apart due to the janky combat, which is even jankier than some low budget BRs like Fractured Lands or Fear The Wolves.

As for the main game, I quit to the main menu when I saw the thirst/hunger meters and the build a camp side quest. Add the other players and lack of NPCs, and they’ve really doubled down on the things I don’t want in a Fallout game.