Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

It doesn’t sound like there was any worthwhile use for always-online. Didn’t think of the no pausing. That sounds like a pain.

I tried it out during the free week as well. I like it. Feels like more Fallout 4 to me.

I got past the character creation area today. Very nice opening area. It does feel like an expansion to Fallout 4 so far.

Yeah, I tried it now during the free weekend. It has some interesting concepts, but ultimately it falls apart due to the janky combat, which is even jankier than some low budget BRs like Fractured Lands or Fear The Wolves.

As for the main game, I quit to the main menu when I saw the thirst/hunger meters and the build a camp side quest. Add the other players and lack of NPCs, and they’ve really doubled down on the things I don’t want in a Fallout game.

Would you go as far as to call it a “good” single player game, though? As a single-player game, it’s basically an asset flip of Fallout 4, but with no people or towns in it, all quests delivered by audiotape, and tuned to be a lot more grindy.

It seems like the “good” single player version of Fallout 76 is just… Fallout 4, no?

In many ways, yes. Which is fine for a lot of folks, including me (I put a lot of hours into both F4 and F76). It’s by no means a work of art, or a milestone in game development, but it’s worth the price of admission as a single player game, IMO.

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I’ve played about an hour or 2 so far and am enjoying it just fine. I’ve explored the surroundings of the vault, found an abandoned cabin and some loot, killed wildlife and made my way to the Overseer’s camp.

An enterprising player has built a camp with a vending machine near the Overseer’s. So new players are tempted to buy some of their wares (mainly grenades, so much for rebuilding the world).

Hunger and thirst go down so slowly that I don’t anticipate them creating any gameplay issues. I already have a stack of cooked meats and water bottles at the ready.

And this really feels like exploring the Fallout wilderness, something I enjoyed a lot in Fallout 4.

No more jank or performance issues than in that game on my One X. I’m looking forward to spending quite a bit more time exploring the world. I’ve got a serrated machete and a pipe pistol I crafted. I’m sure nothing can go wrong.

One thing I need to do is find a couple of getting started videos to make sure I understand the perk system and what character builds I might want to go for.

I avoid Battle Royale normally but I tried a few rounds and had a good time.

I think it’s slightly less janky than FO76 overall - which maybe isn’t saying much - because there’s no VATS. Anyway, I enjoyed it. It’s not polished and with random groups you never know what you’ll get, but I liked it enough that I’ll play more. I do wish you got credit for damaging other players rather than it being limited to the downs/kills.

I picked it up. It’s not bad. It’s still fun exploring the Fallout world, even if it is… West Virginia. Bleh. And following Granny Overseer’s life history has to be the most boring main quest they could possibly have come up with. And every time I hear Appa-LATCH-a I want to punch someone.

I don’t even care if the “correct” pronunciation.

But it’s still fun. It’s a lot like FO4. Explored a downed airplane that had been hung from an electrical tower in pieces and turned into a settler base, but hds been overrun with Super Mutants. Which I understand should not exist. But it was still fun killing them and exploring the base, even if the rewards were middling due the MMO-ness of the game.

At the end of the free week. I’m on the fence,but I think ultimately I won’t bother.
I finished most of the stuff around the airport.

I’m most ways it seems worse than Fallout 4. I marginally like perk system better in 76, but most everything else I think makes 4 a better game. The lack of a true multiplayer game, makes it not that interesting.

The good news is if the expansions actually improve the game. I’m up for trying it again. Unfortunately, I feel that Bethesda burned so much good will that folks like my friend and many of the folks earlier in thread will never give it a second look.

I think Bethesda would be smart to throw in the towel and start over .

I hope all these games as a live service fail badly so the whole idea gets flushed where it belongs.

I uninstalled it a couple days ago.

This kinda feels like playing fallout 4 after you’ve finished the main quest.

S comment is all I need to hesitate LK.

Ouch! That might be one of the harshest things I’ve read about Fallout 76.


“All these games”? I disagree strongly. For some games, like Rainbow Six: Siege, the various battle royale games and others, it makes a lot of sense. For others, though, maybe not so much.

I kept getting disconnected from the server while trying to complete a quest during the free trial period on Xbox. I think I’m done.

I played for about 6 hours on my Xbox yesterday and didn’t get a single disconnection issue. There never was any noticeable lag either.

My daughter got disconnected once while creating her character. But that was it.

I’ve read reports on Reddit of the servers obviously being under more strain than usual during the free week, causing some lag and disconnection issues. That’s the kind of thing that will self correct after the free trial.

I also got to take part in my first event yesterday. It was fairly low key. Some protectrons and other robots to destroy then some target reprogramming quest.

In practice, there were a couple of players in the town and we made short work in the robots, each in our corner of town. Then one of the players went and completed the second part and we all got handsomely rewarded for taking part. So it wasn’t very involved or social at this low level. But it was a neat little shared quest.

The more I play, the more I enjoy the area this takes place in (in still in the forest and the area has some nice locations and sights) and the perk system when leveling up. It’s a cool way to make a character build.

I’m now busy scouting for a good place to set up my first camp near the river. If I can find a location that gives me access to resources and water, it would make a very nice and scenic location for a camp.