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I wonder if, in 2020, when they do add NPCs, I wonder if they’ll have good animations for them, for once in a Bethesda game. Or if they’ll still look silly in motion?

Deep down you know the answers to your questions. :)

To be fair, they’ve come a long way in other areas since Morrowind, in terms of how the gameplay feels. I feel like they’ve improved it with each iteration of their games. They’ve improved how melee combat feels, they’ve improved how shooting feels. So I figure it’s only a matter of time that they’ll get to the animations. It’s can’t be that hard a problem since it’s been solved by Ubisoft and a bunch of other studios for a while now. It’s just a matter of making it a priority, so I figure that has to happen eventually.

I’m thinking at this point it might be issues with the engine. With the money Bethesda has I doubt they can’t find a decent animator. And if they need a new engine, with how much custom stuff they do, that could be a herculean task.

It needs to happen, though, this engine is creaky beyond belief.

Hopefully this means it’s going to be a big update, patching in, well, everything F76 is missing, which is everything other than the combat.

Where is the Steam release?


Fallout 1st will be available as a one-month membership, or you can purchase a yearly membership for a 36% discount over the monthly rate as shown on our website. If you cancel your membership or it expires, you’ll still be able to access any Atoms received as well as the resources stored in your Scrapbox.


I guess people weren’t buying enough from the in game store.

I thought the MMO subscription model was pretty dead - and I don’t see anything here that would change that, unless 1,650 atoms per month is a lot more expensive than this. It’s certainly not going to tempt most people, I think.

Bethesda keeps making obvious mistakes. Using the MMO/Elder Scrolls Online subscription model is a serious mistake, because F76 is not a MMO. They should have followed the battle pass monetization model instead, which focuses on rewarding people for playing the game with various unique and otherwise inaccessible cosmetics.

This sounds an awful lot like the Elder Scrolls Online subscription model, I bet they are using it as the model.

Once you have the unlimited crafting bag it is tough to play without it.

WTF. Who is making these decisions at Bethesda?

It’s always been notable how they insist on repeating the mistakes of the past with F76, which has always been just plain fascinating to me since the F76 team is filled with MMO veterans. Maybe Zenimax is messing with them, or perhaps they’re just dumbasses. I’m sure the real story behind F76 will come out sooner or later.

I love that the private server is one of the benefits of monthly membership. So if you subscribe, you get the ability to play the game strictly single player if you so desire.

At this rate I’m more likely to buy Diablo 4 than Fallout 76.

So it’s doing better than Anthem.

That’s not saying a lot, is it?

Someone on Twitter pointed out you could pay $12 a month for this service OR you could get Game Pass for $10 a month and have a bunch of other games that aren’t F76 to play. Seems like a good point.

Or pay $1 for a month of Gamepass Ultimate and play The Outer Worlds this weekend!

Bethesda just can’t help doubling down on stupid, can they? Jeezus.