Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

They deserve this.

You gotta say…the unlimited storage box that actually eats your loot…I mean wow… I’m not sure you could intentionally design something to be more infuriating to your customers. Well…I guess the game could format your drive, stay tuned?

I’m expecting pro-Beijing propaganda posters to pop up any day now.

Maybe they mixed up a bag of holding with a bag of devouring?

Maybe there’s an Obsidian mole that keeps sabotaging builds right before they get uploaded…

Players who fork out an extra $100 a year will get access to special outfits, infinite item storage, and private servers stocked with their own gear. Unfortunately for the upper crust of this fictional hellscape, Fallout’s non-premium masses say it’s time to eat the rich.

Fallout 1st players are easily identifiable by their icons, their covetable gear, and special moves only available to top-paying members. Even doing one of those special dances is license for a beatdown now, said one player who claimed to have been “beaten up when I decided to do the Mothman emote [a premium-only dance move] in Vault 51. At least 5 -7 people in teddy bear costumes kept punching me.”

Another, luckier player, claimed he avoided a brawl, but was told to leave the non-premium area of the game when he did a premium-only robot dance.

“We don’t have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, we have a great war on Reddit. We have a great revolution against the FO76 Whales. The great depression is our sad little lives. We have a spiritual depression.”

Sounds like it’s not free yet, eh?

When is it coming to Steam?

Supposedly still this year, though there hasn’t been an update on the release date in a few months.

It will be a paid upgrade in the Atom Shop to the Steam Day One Edition.


A literal class war is literally the most literally interesting thing to ever literally happen to Fallout 76.

I’m tempted to buy the game and murder people of a different class. Unfortunately, I’d rather wait for the free-to-play version and murder the people that paid for the game, since both existing classes would be a class above me and thus deserve death.


I’d find it more interesting if the game was a much larger, persistent world like EVE, where this kind of “war” could take place on a larger scale. Especially if they like split into two societies with their own infrastructure and territory, etc.

But subscribers headhunting non-subscribers on small, instanced 25-player servers? Meh. It’s interesting on a metatextual level, but that’s about it.

Man, I forgot this wasn’t an MMO. I wasn’t thinking about how tiny the game population would be on the available map.

You just can’t make this shit up. One of the most dedicated players, a Fallout 1st subscriber and map/tool maker (see here) just got banned for reporting a in game exploit, then they refused to refund his monthly subscription because he used some atoms on in game content on the account that is now banned.


Is Bethesda a Putin asset now as well??.. Guy does your QA for you, is dumb enough to fork over even more money for your broken game, and this is the treatment?

I’ve been gradually moving towards ‘gosh I hate Bethesda’ territory, but this clinches it.

What the flying sprat fuck is Bethesda’s angle here?

Lower echelon type fucked up? Expecting it to be reversed soon.