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OK, so that’s a specific type of game, one that didn’t exist until recently. I think it would be weird to suggest that real PvP didn’t exist in gaming until survival multiplayer games arrived.


Well, we had checkers… but that was about it for pvp.


Take a fallout game, remove all characters, dialogue and elaborate quests, replace it with kill quests and fetch quests and other humans. What could go wrong?

But if that world they built for this one is nice, I might get it on sale and play on my private server solo, once they make that available. Just for the exploration.


No, it had the second part I wrote - interesting mechanics to master which made the conflict itself interesting. Not just aim, but item control, movement/strafe jumping, map control and so on. Or in cs, timing, utility use, economy, map control, aim, and so on.

If you have zero skill gap because the mechanics are simplistic then you remove any risk, what is there to be excited about and how is it entertaining? The answer is nothing, and it isn’t.

The same things that are “fun” between a good shooter, a fighting game and chess is the mechanics and interactions that exist to make the conflict interesting and present a depth of actions you can learn and improve on.

Without such a system and without any risk you end up with a limp homogeneous pile of boring shit.


Great video Telefrog…thanks for posting it

My biggest question now is there’s 24 people on a server…am I locked onto this server until we’re all high level and bored to tears…or can I change servers…can I take everything with me to another server or do I start fresh

This may very well turn out to be a casual mmo to get that quick 1 hour mmo fix…I did like the part about having a robotic vendor to sell your stuff while you are not there…LOVE THAT !!

Anyway, I’m getting more interested in this title…remember, I was the guy who wanted a fallout mmo just for reference

still can’t wait for Starfield…my gut tells me thats gonna be their magnum opus


They automatically slap you in a random server when you start playing and all your progress and stuff follows you.


This is the part that kills me about this. They mentioned that there would be story and quests, but in a world without NPC’s what story and quests can you have? I think they are banking on “the story is the open ended PVP experience you have that will always be new and fresh” Something that all good survival games do. Some of the most interesting and thematic “story” I have experienced in games happened in Minecraft, DayZ, and Conan, but that was all self directed, and not hand crafted by a writer and director.

They really need to stop trying to sell Fallout 76 as another story based RPG from the makers of Fallout. This is a brand new thing they are doing, they need to embrace that, and sell that to us.


See the above video.

Story sounds like there are still robots as npcs, and environmental quests like notes, recordings, and so forth.

But I think it probably says a lot about the idea that it seems to be so confusing to everyone. I will firmly keep my expectations in check. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t really love the last one all that much after 20 hours.


This is really Bethesda’s fault as they have been saying “It has a story and RPG stuff” but then not showing any details of that off.


Ugh. In-game bounties. That’s their plan? never saw that not work before.

And you don’t even have to gain someone’s notice. You just get to be a target on the map. They don’t even have to wonder if you’re alone. They already know it.

So the fans of the FO series won’t like this. They talked a lot about coop but this sounds way more PVP to me, so they’re chasing that big PvP blob again.


Player justice. Heh. Like I said, they need to talk to @Raph Koster about this shit.


Plus Sea of Thieves definitely has the “roaming group of dominators” issue. Server hopping looking for people/raids is pretty common there.

If they use the SoT system here is what is likely to happen: group server surfs to an easy/empty server, gets nuke codes. Surfs for a server where some group has built their own massive city. Uses the nuke codes they horded from the easy server to nuke the established group. Rinse and repeat.

It’s like in WoW when people server transferred with the shit to open AQ back in the day.

Now if you’re assigned a server from the moment you log in till the end of time? Well, that has a giant possibility of sucking ass forever. Maybe you want some hot PvP action, but no one else on your server does. So you kill them a few times and they just leave and never come back. Soon it’s just you and the mobs. Same goes the other way for the guys who just wanted some co-op Fallout with a few friends.


Hmmm, concerns rising. Not really very stoked with the extra details that have come from E3, also I am getting a little peeved with the dance number Todd Howard keeps giving over the gameplay. I mean, he knows how its going to play, its coming out in a few months. Just tell us.


You must be a republican.




Hopefully they have no fire zones. I can see someone nuking the entrance to the vault, and/or sittings outside waiting for new blood to emerge and mow them down.


Even if they did, those people would just sit at the edge of said zone and do the same thing.

I’m assuming it’s not going to be like WoW with prescribed “PvP areas” or whatever, so ganking people walking out of the Vault is going to happen. A lot. Maybe you’re safe near the Vault, but… you can’t play the game, so the difference is nearly non-existent when you’re the new guy with a 10mm pistol watching 3 guys in Power Armor roam the hills nearby with gauss rifles waiting for you to try to fight a radroach.


Oh, and one more thing. This may mark Bethesda’s clean break from Steam on PC.

The FAQ notes only their client as a PC source for the beta at least.


Hey, if we’re going to make a shitty basket, let’s make sure to get ALL of our eggs in it!!! lol. I hope I am wrong and this is awesome, as I’ve loved a lot of their games, but this is really great /popcorn stuff.


Despite my skepticism, I want to play this game. I enjoy the Fallout serie and I believe theres enjoyment to be had here. And I have always been curious about a Ark/Rust type of game. I remember playing Ark, but was too slow for my machine and did not played very far. but I think this one could have many hours of enjoyment.