Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

To me (I played it last year after Wastelanders hit) frankly it felt like a prequel expansion to Fallout 4. Then again I just played solo and mostly ignored the randomly generated stuff, focusing on the story quests instead. And I don’t steal in games (or reality) :)

As to where it is going, no idea, but I like that I could enjoy it on my own.

@Paul_cze is pretty close I think with calling it a prequel to F4. It is the earliest of the Fallout games by timeline, I think, and the mechanics for the most part are pretty much F4, with added clunkiness for being online.

I also agree with @KevinC that the devs seem to be unsure themselves what the game is. Or, rather, Bethesda/Zenimax can’t make up its mind. I’m confident the actual devs have any number of coherent visions they could implement, if they were allowed.

Played mostly solo and ignoring as much of the MMO-lite stuff they shoehorn in, the game is still pretty solid.

I’m not sure how you can say that now. Early on, it was a mess but now they have pretty clear roadmap. I think they realized that they game they built, or were trying to build, is not the game that people wanted. So they’ve changed, and added those things - quests/NPC’s/factions,etc. What do you think is not clear about the game now?

I’m one of those weird people who preferred Fallout 76 without NPCs. Trying to survive in this desolate wasteland where you’re the only survivor. The only “friendly faces” are cold mechanical robots. Your only human contact is in the form of messages left on terminals from long dead people. All these things really combined to evoke a truly post apocalyptic atmosphere.

I haven’t played it recently, so if they found their footing that’s good to hear.

I tend to agree with you, largely because the way NPCs were implemented was kind of jarring.

Did you miss the roadmap posted above just a few posts above?

No, but nothing about it jumped out to me that they had answered the question of what they wanted to be. Just seems like an assortment of stuff, from the outside looking in (that’s not a criticism).

When I played, I wasn’t sure if they were sure what they were going for. Not having NPCs and then having NPCs is a good example. I thought it was a bit of a frankenstein of miscellaneous parts stuck together and a glance at the roadmap didn’t indicate to me that that had changed.

Just to be clear, I was way more positive on FO76 than most. I liked a fair amount about it, although I can’t disagree with a lot of the criticism that was leveled its way. So I’m not here sitting on the sidelines being a hater or anything. :)

Amazingly, this miserable piece of steaming shit game is still unplayable in borderless window mode. You must play fullscreen. Years later.

And now I’m trying to move and sometimes it just, like, doesn’t allow me to move. At all. Server lag, I guess?

It’s awful.

Ha ha. You play Fallout 76. :)

So is it free yet?

Kinda, on Game Pass.

Figured out the problem with movement. The game has no clue what to do when you play it at 400fps. Capping it to 120 fixed that.

Technically it’s still kind of a mess, flickering textures, but I haven’t run into any outright bugs in an hour of play. Full screen mode still pisses me off. Adding NPCs and actual quests improved it a ton.

I’ve played for 100s of hours in borderless window and I’ve never encountered not being able to move. Maybe check your connection for packet loss?

Being unable to move was due to running at >400 FPS. Capping to 120 fixed it.

Borderless window mode is still unplayable, though. Maybe it’s an Nvidia thing?

Ah cool - glad you fixed it :)

Out of curiosity what kind of problem are you experiencing with it?
I’m using an NVIDIA GPU too.

It caps to 59fps even with vsync forced off in the Nvidia control panel and the INI files, and just feels stuttery and terrible. I googled this extensively and everybody agrees that borderless window mode is shit in F76 and you need to go exclusive fullscreen.

Ah gotcha I play at 60 fps which explains why I never noticed this problem.

I’d be OK with a steady 60fps, if it felt good. It doesn’t, it feels awful. Even mouse movement in menus is laggy and stuttery. It’s flat-out broken in borderless window mode.

Weird, I don’t experience the same issue. In Fallout 4 you could disable the internal engine vsync by changing the setting iPresentInterval=0. It looks like the same option exists in Fallout76Prefs.ini. Might be worth a try if you’ve not checked this already.

EDIT: as in change it from iPresentInterval=1 to iPresentInterval=0

I did mention I googled it extensively, right?

Sure, only trying help. shrugs