Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

Thanks, but I assure you I tried everything on the entire internet.

I went through the same thing as @stusser when I started playing a couple of weeks ago. Same resolution. Except it looks like it broke gsync which is normally fine except of course when it isn’t. Really enjoying the game, no issues besides the uncapped FPS randomly stopping me from moving.

Yeah it was a stuttery mess when I installed it recently on a whim (hadn’t played it since release) even when I made several .ini tweaks. At that point I just lost interest; I knew I eventually figured out and resolved those issues before but I couldn’t be bothered getting it all set up again. The game has been out for years, those config tweaks shouldn’t be necessary. I mean, they shouldn’t have been necessary at launch either, but they’ve had plenty of time to iron those things out.

Maybe gsync was the problem? Didn’t try turning that off. I can run the game at 400fps so it certainly doesn’t need it.

I did further research and testing and pretty sure Gsync does not work. It’s actually set to unsupported if you use nvidia inspector. You can force it to on, and then the drivers report it as being enabled, but it doesn’t actually work. I still get screen tearing at high frame rates if vsync is forced off, which it is at the driver level for my machine as part of the best practices to get Gsync working.

I never set iPresentInterval but I am way over 60fps, that’s probably because of forcing vsync off manually.

I tried limiting the FPS using the drivers and that works to fix the movement bug but I still get tearing at a locked 120fps. Now I am running with vsync forced on and getting 120fps and no tearing. Not optimal but good enough. Actually the screen tearing was pretty minimal and not much of a factor either, so knowing what I know now I would have just told my self to let things lie and not waste an hour figuring all of this out.

The iPresentInterval setting is what turns off vsync. You can force it in the drivers too, is that what you meant?

I have vsync off, framerate capped at 120Hz, and my monitor refreshing at 120Hz, so no tearing because it certainly never drops below 120. My monitor supports 144Hz but I can’t tell the difference and it just makes my GPU run hotter.


This is why i don’t think iPresentInterval mattered for me.

Ahh. Right, it shouldn’t. I have it turned off in both spots.

Decided to dip back into this after seeing the xbox version got a 60fps update. If anyone is looking for a game add me @quarryman360.

One less mode that no one wanted!

It’s OK, these dumbasses will be adding a MOBA mode soon enough.

I didn’t know (or I forgot) they had a Battle Royale mode. What an incredibly dumb idea to waste resources on. And playing any sort of competitive shooter in that engine sounds painfully unfun.

All they need to do to get me to pay money again is to release an offline moddable version. :)

Give me that unlimited backpack space and 4x running speed plz.

I get the feeling there may be a higher-up project VP in Redmond who is asking the Bethesda teams “Why are we still putting any resources at all into this thing?”

I wonder how many Fallout 1st subs they are rocking? That, and selling Atoms, are the only real revenue producers tied to the game I think. If you play the game as a normal Fallout, and ignore most of the multiplayer stuff, it’s a pretty fun game, jank and all. But none of the other stuff actually adds to the experience in my opinion, only detracts from it. Well, except for player shops, which are cool.

So this was gifted to me at Christmas so I’d thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve put around 14 hours into it so far and these are my impressions:


  1. The addition of NPC’s is really nice. Beyond those involved in quests, you now see NPC’s wandering the wasteland, some in camps/outposts, etc. Some will even help you out and give you stuff, others will visit you camps. Some you can find defending themselves and you can join in to assist them. It all makes WVa feel more alive. There are also now at least 3 questlines available involving NPC’s that know of.
  2. The first is a series of introductory quests involving a new bar. They are pretty interesting and serve to introduce you to the world. Much better than the old tutorial quest line (which I understand still exists).
  3. Then you have two others which have been widely advertised - Wastelanders and the Brotherhood of Steel, which I haven’t gotten to yet but from what I have read are pretty good.
  4. There are also new raider types (I think) which are pretty interesting. I don’t think there were any other humans in WVA in the original release. New human enemies are good.
  5. I like that caps, stimpacks, drugs and lockpicks are much more rare than previous Fallouts. Though with some work it is still possible to accumulate large amounts of caps, but it’s much harder than Fallout 4.
  6. Related to above, I hate that all the vendors are limited to single pool of 1400 caps shared between them all. This just turns selling stuff into a grind.
  7. For the most part, it feels much more like a regular Fallout game.


  1. I pretty much hate all the MMO stuff such as:
  2. Certain high level items hide behind grinding with no other way of getting them.
  3. Grinding, grinding grinding. A lot the of aforementioned quest lines have top tier gear (I’m looking at you BoS recon armor) that is not available without grinding. In Wastelanders, you have two factions and a faction standing. Even i you complete all of the faction quests, you can’t get the best stuff because your faction standing still won’t be high enough. You have to grind further daily quests with them in order to get the best stuff, and from what I’ve read, it’s not quick. For the BoS, you can’t even get some really good stuff in the same way. For some items, you just have to hope they drop as legendaries - you can’t even grind knowing that you will eventually get what you want - it’s all RNG. Some of these items could theoretically take several months of daily missions to get the items to drop or you accumulate enough gold bullion to buy them. Who really wants that, no matter how good the items are? Not me!
  4. Speaking of gold bullion even if you choose to grind, the system is so convoluted. They have so many “currencies” that it’s silly. Plans for some high level items can only be purchased with gold bullion. But gold bullion isn’t dropped directly. Instead, Treasure notes are dropped which you have to convert to gold bullion. In addition, you can use caps to buy TN or bullion, can’t remember which. Then you have scripts (confused yet) that allows you to buy other stuff - legendaries, I think! Not sure why they don’t just use caps and be done with it (maybe it would distort the caps economy?) Then you have legendary upgrades which are also all tied up in this. It’s all a big mess, IMO.
  5. I love/hate the camp system. Basically you have three choices, set up a big fancy well built permanent camp in one location, make a simple, easily moveable camp that you move as needed (mainly for stashing loot and simple crafting), or make a more built out camp for moving and hope you can find a flat place to put it. I prefer a light mobile camp but the problem is setting up camp cost money and it increases over time (though I think there is a cap). I’d really like two camps, a mobile one and a full time base but you can only get that with the monthly subscription.

In conclusion, if you ignore the MMO stuff, there’s a fun game here, very similar to previous Fallouts. There are all sorts of daily events, hunting for legendaries, etc, but that stuff is so MMO and totally takes me out of the game I want to play - a SP Fallout game with quests, stories and exploring. I may try a few of those, but for the most part I won’t because I just don’t find teaming up with a bunch of people to take out a monster or escort someone through a gauntlet all that interesting. I’m just going to play it as I play every other Fallout game, just sadly knowing that there’s some nice loot out there I’ll never see because I don’t care to grind.

PS, I’ll end with a positive note: I was a noob, level 3 just out of the Vault and ran across a level 45 player, I turned my back on him and he started shooting and I jumped, thinking he was going to kill me. Instead, he was shooting at the ground nearby. Turns out he had dropped 20 stimpacks (very valuable early on) and was trying to get my attention by firing at the package on the ground. So yeah, Mr. Level 45, thanks!

The game is definitely worth playing as a solo Fallout game, ignoring most if not all of the MMO stuff as much as you can. It’s a hoot up until the end of the main questlines, and then, yeah, it’s nothing but grinds of the worst sort. Daily crap missions doing the same crap things for crap rewards that ultimately if slowly will add up to the ability to buy some of the endgame gear you probably want (though God forbid you mistakenly buy the wrong thing, as you’ll have to grind forever to replace the currency, and the game is not good at all about telling you exactly what you are getting or why you should get it).

Personally, I preferred the game without the NPCs, as some of the NPC stuff is just dumb compared to the rather nicely crafted narratives they set up via logs and clues and stuff originally. But I admit it does make the world livelier.

The best way to enjoy it IMO is to explore, don’t worry too much about getting stuff done except at your own pace, and enjoy the very well done West Virginia game map.

I should update the number of NPC quest lines from the three I previously stated to six. There are two for Wastelanders ( one for each of the new factions), one for Steel Dawn, one for Steel Reign, and two new companions/allies introduced in Wastelanders, each with their own unique quest lines.

Edit: I should note that for 1,000 atoms I can buy the ability to make a second camp. Atoms are pretty easy to come by so after not too long I should be able to buy it. Most of the atom items are purely cosmetic so no reason to save up and hoard them.

That is pretty good, the 1000 atoms to buy a 2nd camp. That used to be a premium only feature. Not sure if Ill ever play F76 again, but if I do, Ill be sure and remember that.

I’ll play once it becomes an offline, single player game.