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I found a trader in Whitesprings who sells screws. I also flagged it in the junk menu to mark items that have it.

Hot plates, typewriters, desk fans, and toy cars are some of the always loot on sight items. Along with microscopes.

I tried the fix powerplant mission. That was pretty annoying. Run around a confusing place trying to find things to frob (fix), which required platforming at times, and there’s a time limit. I literally died in the control room while using the computer to power the thing on because some surprise gun turrets activated and lit me up. It respawned me outside and I couldn’t get back in there in time.

I know your pain, man. I powered up that thing once. Once. Never again. I also had a friend helping so you attempting it solo should earn you some sort of medal.

After doing that power plant event once, my wife and I never tried it again. Just not worth it unless you have a horde of people.

So I actually went back and did the powerplant quest again after dying and failing in the same session once the cool-down timer expired and it started again. This time I got more time for some reason: 1 hours vs 30 minutes. It was also much easier as nearly all the enemies had already been cleared out (they didn’t respawn) and I had learned the general layout. Still a shit quest though. Not recommended. (even without enemies)

Other news,

This game has both the worst and the most boring good-aligned faction I’ve ever encountered. Foundation puts me to sleep. They’re just ultra generic settlers. That’s it.

The bad guy raiders are so much better it’s ridiculous. Their shops aren’t just robots but real people for one. You also have that guy that is interested in telling fake history. The dude in black tie. The kid and super mutant…There’s just a huge dispersity in more interesting NPCs between them.

What the hell man? What is Foundation even doing?

To be fair, the bad guys are usually more interesting in most works. Just look at Satan in Paradise Lost, as a classic example. or Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. It’s a little different here, as we’re talking factions not individuals, but I think the same thing basically applies. As Billy Joel says, rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints and all that.

But, yes, Foundation is a snooze-fest of uptight supercilious twits.

It’s also the disparity between what amounts to dev resources and quite frankly, rewards. There’s only a small handful of named Foundation NPCs. In the raider camp there is easily twice as many if not more. That’s more people to talk to and have dialog with. In addition to more quests, and their final quest chain is actually longer with an exclusive reward. I don’t get it. It’s like they had the pro A team design the raiders and the understaffed amateur B team do Foundation.

The only reason to go with Foundation is the stink that comes with helping the raiders. People with no qualms about having dead bodies hung up and severed heads on pikes as base decor.

Sort of like a big New York law office, probably.

It’s quite possible they assigned the two factions to different teams, but I agree there is sort of a disconnect. Then again, remember the Minutemen…

Also, before the NPCs were added in the big update, there was already a lot of backstory about the Raiders that played out in the stories around the Christmas Flood and the whole Rosie the Robot questline. I don’t recall anything remotely similar for the good guys, other than the Responders.

Yeah, basically the “good guy” factions in this game really suck. Also because they are explicitly good guys. This is Fallout, there shouldn’t be such “on the nose” good guys really.

I hit level 50 and immediately realized how bad pistols are, or any agility based weapon is. You want agility in order to use Adrenaline and have your weapon skill tied to another stat due to how stat limits and weapon damage up perks work.

As a stealth pistol build 15 agility is no where close enough for everything you’d want, more like 30 agility would be reasonable for it to really pop.

Looking at all the perks now and knowing automatic weapons are OPAF, Automatic rifle (Perception) or heavy weapon (Strength) is superior. But the latter is really the optimally choice I think.

Now I don’t think I will get enough levels in before I finish the game to unlock enough perk cards for a viable second build, but if I am wrong, it’s heavy weapons 100%. No brainer.

I really enjoy heavy weapons a lot just because of the variety within that class. Flamethrowers, machine guns, gatling lasers, even a plasma caster for those who want to play more sniper/sneak style. There’s just a lot of good options that feel pretty distinct from each other.

I finally got hold of a “Holy Fire” flamer yesterday. They drop from the Beasts of Burden event, but you can also find them in player vendors. I grabbed one for 2.5k.

It’s one of the top 2 or 3 weapons in the game. It’s a flamer, but it does quite a bit more damage due to its hidden attack speed trait. It’s also vampiric out of the box. In a nice set of power armor, you’re darn near unkillable. If you’re into heavy weapons, definitely be on the lookout.

Agreed, Holy Fire is a fantastic weapon. I was able to nab one after doing Beasts of Burden a couple times.

Yeah, I think by the time I level-up enough to have a suitable heavy weapon build I’ll be already done with the game.

I basically have to get a whole new set of perk cards. Very little overlap with my current build, which is basically finished. It would actually be more optimal to downgrade a gunslinger so I could include Adrenaline but there isn’t a way to do that?

Isn’t it easy to respec? I stopped playing around the time they introduced a machine to allow players to respec without it being a huge thing, but I never used them, so, might have never been that easy.

You can’t exchange your perk cards as far as I know. Only change your special, which is useless without the right perk cards outside of minor tweaks.

Once you have the right perk cards, then you change your special around in order to properly slot the cards you want…

Once you have all the cards, you can pretty much make any build possible. It’s more Diablo 3 than Diablo 2.

There is no true respec.

It’s super easy. They introduced a (free) camp item that lets you store builds and switch them with a click. Every train station has one, and almost every player camp does, too. It lets you switch perks and special points at no cost.

FO76 is a bit of a struggle as you’re leveling, before you get the perk cards you want. Once you’ve been 50+ for a while, that problem disappears.

Yeah, think that’s the sticking point, by the time I stopped playing I had been LVL 50 for a bit, so I had the perk cards required to make new builds work.

The rough spots in the game, for me, are often the multiplayer/survival elements. I hate having to eat and drink all the time, and that pushes me towards perk cards that minimize that–at the expense of combat stuff. Even though ammo has gotten more available, I find myself out off ammo a lot, because I guess I’m simply not doing enough damage to make up for the expenditure. And building camps, which is fun, gets hampered by the camp budget limitations.

it’s a very mixed bag.

I don’t think you have to eat and drink? There’s no debuffs. It just gives you buffs when you do as far as I can tell. So just a buff system?

Not my experience at all. At lvl 52 I don’t have enough perks to make another build work. Not even close. I need to probably be around level 100 to have parity with a second build of equal power, but I guess it’s all down to the amount of perk overlap and luck with the random perk cards you get in those random packs. If the RNG gods favor you, I could see having a second build up and running at maybe 70-80 range.

Definitely something I encountered entering the snow biome the first time. My 10MM ammo was dropping fast as the amount of shots to take down a supermutant was absurd. Had to switch to a revolver with stronger damage per shot for whole range of levels. The ammo for that skyrocketted. Now in the level 50 range I use single shot to increase my ammo count per kill and full auto to decrease it per kill when I have too much. Ammo economy is weird like that. Although I am starting to worry again that my single shot damage may weaken enough as I gain more levels to not only generate a surplus but fall below the replacement rate.

I mean, you’ve barely reached 50, takes some time getting the cards for a different build, unless it’s pretty close to what you already had, they trying to get you to play forever, not reach 50 and have everything done…

I thought I said as much. The thing that happens at level 50 is you just now can see all the perk cards at level up AKA no more status “new” perks* and your initial build is “done” as in there is no more special points** given there after. Time for refinement. You’re going to need more levels for this.

*Apparently there are epic perks later.
**And there are epic perks that can raise a special stat by 5 up to a maximum of 15.