Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

At 111 or thereabouts I’m finding the game sort of yo-yos, in that for a while I’ll be doing really fine then hit a wall and nothing seems to work. I think a lot has to do with the specifics of the encounters, how much ammo I have, stuff like that.

Ultimately though the challenge for me is that, unlike in a single-player Fallout game, I can’t become a walking avatar of death here. That’s what was so fun about Fallout 4; being able to stride the Wasteland like an avenging angel was cool. Here, the MMO-esque nature of the beast tends to squash down everything into a fairly homogenous lump, with the exceptions being generated by people who either luck into great gear or grind forever–the folks at 800 or more.

So I’ve progressed to the forest (top-right) biome and it was chalk full of quests, so much so progress through it is slow going. There’s this and that. And you definitely want a build a camp here. Nothing in a thousand miles to fast travel to without spending caps. I also died a lot. I can handle one wendigo maybe from stealth, a second one enters the fray suddenly, I’m dead. Run. Still dead. Lots of giant monsters to contend with my copper plated sissy pistol from sneak which sucks.

On the plus side I feel like the feral ghouls have maybe hit their HP cap much like radroaches hopefully? Two shoots to the dome-piece from stealth with sneak attack damage, dead.

I got to level 60 and I have been slowly picking perks and building an alt heavy weapons + power armor secondary build in the background. It’s still brewing. The pickups from the perk packs have been total shit.

MVP in this region (most valuable perk) I think has been Waterboy (one of those random perk pack pickups that has been otherwise shit). It’s a one star one and done. There is a lot of water in this forest area so it did a lot of work.

All that’s really left is the major faction quests and the bottom right red zone though.

Holy dog shit! Forget about screws! I need ballistic fiber and it’s totally rare.

Definitely! Best source I found are these ammo bag looking things. They’re typically found in former military camps but they’re sometimes not the easiest to spot. I had settled on rifling through two POIs a day and started to build up stock pretty decently once I figured out where they were. It’s not something you find much of unless you specifically look for it, though!

Really the best way to get ballistic fiber is buy it in bulk from merchants. 5x10 bundles for around 350 caps or so usually.

I remember going to Camp McClintock on runs for that.

Rude awakening.

1 fiber is 350.
5 is 1750.

Cost prohibited.

Yep, that place and Fort Defiance were the two places I would hit and my ballistic fiber woes went away.

It’s not reliable, but another way I’d get some is just by taking over an occasional workshop. You get some periodically as rewards for defending one, and you’re guaranteed to get an attack shortly after claiming one.

Ah, yeah, it’s 1 bundle of 10 for 350, you’re right. Though I use the better prices perk (swap it in when buying or selling) to drop the price a bit.

I am always short of cash. My wife, though, is always running at the cap limit of thirty or forty thousand, whatever it is. She farms purified water at her camp and sells it in bulk.

Anyways it doesn’t matter much any more. I got the Chinese stealth armor and am literally lost in Fort Defiance now AKA insane acylium session 9. I tried to figure it out and failed.

Fort Defiance is both a low point and a high point I think. The first time you do it it can be really confusing, but there is a pretty decent payoff. Narratively, it worked better before the actual BoS faction came to the game, but it’s still interesting.

My problem here is the use of Brotherhood of Steel. They should just be military and science personal from Mariposa isolated in the Lost Hills Bunker. A government safe-guard bunker.

Anyways, this is ultra purists and original. I just think every time I hear BoS wanting to bring order to the wastes, I cringe. They are not that!

I enjoyed the scribe quest, and rejecting all those sycophants.

The gold heist mission siding with crater was so beyond broken it was unbelievable. Showstopper after showstopper. The scripts just fail to fire and you can’t progress. It took me so many retries, and fast traveling out and back in, I was basically about to give up and call it when the script in the room finally triggered after I pre-opened the door skipping the first conversation. I had cleared that room so many damn times. Crazy they didn’t fix any of this mess.

Level-scaling also royally fucked this quest. NPCs were beyond useless and couldn’t even take out an eyebot by themselves without being floored. I had to kill everything myself, and I probably died a dozen times. I guess I should have brought power-armor…

I also am pretty sure I sequence breaked the Overseer’s mission quest. We were talking about the nukes and how I was forced to use them against the scourge…not only have I not used them, I don’t even know how. I’ve just been picking up a lot of those silo codes from the beeping feral ghoul officers. Well, shit.

I did that heist quest when it was new, and yes, it was broken AF. Good to see that like war, quest bugs never change either! /s

I agree about NPCs too. In the BoS quest chain in particular I noticed that the NPCs who went with me on missions often were utterly useless (more noticeable in that quest line because they are supposed to be military bad-ass types, etc.).

As for nukes, in all my many, many hours with the game, I’ve never managed to launch one. I can’t be bothered with the stupid puzzle shit, and when I do get the codes finally the fight in the launch center just wears me out (going solo). One day I want to actually use a nuke, but that day is sure as hell not today.

See, Fallout 76 does offer a true Bethesda experience! ;)

I had a bunch of bugs when doing a the quest to launch a nuke that went roughly how you describe. I wanted to scream by the time I was done with it.

Yeah, I recall in Fallout 3 the whole 3 Dog/Brotherhood/Super mutant sequence was totally busted and didn’t work at all, but I was still able to progress somehow, even though that one sucked as about as much too but it was also right at the game’s launch.

I figured 6 years after launch was about enough time. Nope! This quest we made flat out still doesn’t fucking work most of the time. Moreover in order to progress, you need to discover a workaround yourself. Also, we made sure there are multiple points of failure where the AI goes limp dick. Happy times.

Now what the hell do I spend this gold bullion on?

Gold bullion gets traded to the Secret Service folks in Vault 79 (I think?) for high-end crafting recipes. Also, you can trade it for mostly cosmetic/camp stuff at a vendor in the Crater IIRC.

I discovered all the traders already.

  • The Secret Service
  • The Vault guy in Foundation
  • The Mr. Handy that gets added to the Crater
  • And the BoS trader women, who everyone keeps telling me is the best.

It’s never not who, but what? Each trader has a million things to buy.

I stopped playing because of a mission bug, think it was in that exact sequence, they take you to fight somewhere, take away all your stuff, it bugged out, and I just couldn’t be arsed anymore.

Ah, got you. It’s been ages but the few things I remember that were “meta” way back when were the Secret Service armor (chest piece in particular); the Secret Service jet pack mod; and the two-shot Plasma Caster I think.