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Secret Service armor remains the best non-power armor in the game. The Plasma Caster also remains one of the very best weapons (not two-shot, though. You want Bloodied, Aristocrats or Instigating).

There is a discount vendor who sells a rotating selection of bullion recipes. She’s currently at White Springs, and she has the Secret Service Underarmor in stock. For anyone who doesn’t have it, it’s the best underarmor in the game, along with its ‘shielded’ mod. I’d recommend picking those up from Minerva this weekend.

Track Minerva here:


Bloodied is only good if you, well, run a gimmick Bloodied build. Fine for those who like it, but I loathe that sort of thing. Aristocrats is great if you’re rich. I’m perpetually out of caps. Instigating is great though for sure.

Oh, that was the woman outside the BoS base. I didn’t know she actually moved around and sold different items.

The Cranberry bog stuff feels a bit off with the BoS presence already established. Also the sole NPC in the area basically introduces the concept of daily quests like some kind of tutorial guy which makes no sense. I’ve already been obtaining those since near the beginning of the game and this is a late/end-game area…

Not sure how much is left, but it is leading towards nuking something.

Yeah the sort of hermit dude in Watonga who doles out stupid dailies is really dumb. And yes, Fort Defiance was poignant and pretty interesting when there were no NPCs and it was the only real remnant of the BoS’ attempt to pacify West Virginia or whatever. After you get the actual BoS, it sort of become a footnote.

As do the Scorchbeasts, really. Not that there is any direct connection between the stuff in the Wastelanders expansion and the Scorchbeasts I don’t think, but somehow what was an existential threat now is…just another nuisance.

Yeah, I can see that. Okay, here’s all this ruination, but the Brotherhood has a big base just over that hill over there, so who cares, and the hermit guy might as well be one of those hold-out Japanese WWII guys who thinks the fight is still going on outside.

The forest area probably was the most involved, with lots of back and forth, evading lots of very deadly beasts and what have you. Cranberry Bog is disappointing in comparison, after being talked up as being the most dangerous area. The respawning robots might be a problem at first, but then you complete a quest and turn them all non-hostile…

Once Watoga is pacified so to speak, yeah, the whole region is just annoying. The deep gullies and ditches make movement awkward, though they do add some tactical nuance. The landscape is largely ugly. Once you have enough oomph the occasional Scorchbeast is more of an irritant than an existential threat (though multiples are nasty). And most of all, other than events, there isn’t much there to draw you in. They really need to figure out some way to make that chunk of the map more relevant. Maybe the next DLC will do that.

The final nuke quest completed itself because someone else launched a nuke on the server I was playing on. So much for that…

Oh that’s weird. So you remember what the quest step was that you were on, out of curiosity?

That thing was at buggy and frustrating I kind of wish that happened to me when I was working on it, haha.

I have become death.

Still needed to collect nuke codes from feral ghoul officers.

Anytime anyone completes it by launching a nuke, you get the “quest completed” message. Probably because they wanted you to be able to finish it technically, as well as make it a repeatable end-game thing (back when the game only had that end game content). What I’ve never actually done is launch one myself.

It’s a bit more nuanced than that.

When a nuke is launched before you have activated the quest yourself, a quest self activates as an Event quest, then auto-completes after the nuke touches down. No XP or reward given.

Once you have activated the quest yourself from the government bunker, with all the quest steps now shown to you, in order to launch a nuke yourself, then someone else launches a nuke, the quest still completes, but this time it’s part of your main quest, which is removed, along with all the steps, and you get the XP and quest reward, having done jack shit yourself.

It’s strange because now I no longer have the quest available to track, steps to follow, etc. I imagine there was a lot more to it once you have entered a silo.

I haven’t bothered to return to the gov. bunker yet to see what happens.

That doesn’t seem familiar, as I get the quest completed message every time someone drops a nuke, and I still have the steps in my quest log, and I’ve been in the bunkers and done everything except actually launch one. /shrug. No clue really how any of this actually works.

All I know is the launch quest thing sucks.

I’m actually glad the quest resolved with someone else’s nuke because I read it up and it sounds like a real slog.

It can be both a blessing and a curse.
“Thank god I don’t have to do that” versus “Hey, I wanted to do that myself!”

For the record I wished I had the quest still. I didn’t need the game to do that.

I can now foresee a scenario where someone starts the quest proper, like right at the beginning before they know anything about how to launch a nuke, then someone launches a nuke and the quest completes. They’re basically dropped into a pit of WTF.

Googling, launching nukes is a repeatable action of course but I doubt the main quest is, with step by step stuff? You just have to know how to do it after that point…to be crystal clear:
I have become death is the unique quest.
Death from above is what everyone on the server sees after a nuke gets launched.
I am only ever talking about the former.

Anyways the game just sort of ends on that weird “launch a nuke” after the weird Enclave event stuff. Basically just a soft tutorial into the multiplayer end-game which is whatever? I won’t pretend to know anything about it. Don’t care.

Ah, yeah, I get you now. It’s confusing, poorly designed, and stupid, I agree. But luckily, the whole series of launch stuff is not fun, so better just avoided anyhow.

Yeah, it’s purpose (gameplay wise) is to create a high danger irradiated area. Greater risk means greater reward, that kind of thing. There are some materials that can only be found in that level of radiation and it can attract some big nasties. Godzilla style, I guess.

It’s bugged me from the start. The game started out with the vault dwellers being the only people in the area tasked with rebuilding. Launching nukes into the area so shortly after Armageddon to get phat lewtz just really rubbed me the wrong way, from a thematic POV.

The main narrative reason I could tell is to nuke away the threat of the “scourge?” Continuing where the first Brotherhood of Steel expedition left off, before they got wiped out…

Doesn’t really work at all though when there’s more Brotherhood of Steel now, and more besides that. And the “scourge” aren’t even a threat as far as I can tell. And the whole bunker stuff just is…okay I guess. You just want me to launch a nuke for kicks and jollies now? The call to action, determination, non-existent.

It’s still the best main quest Bethesda has ever done, even though it’s also the worst…

Just nuke it dude.

The Scourge was supposed to be the big threat, and the nukes from what I can tell were a last-resort way to end the tyranny of the Scourgebeast Queen or whatever. Dumb, considering Scourgebeasts seem to feed on radiation (like Godzilla in Monarch!) but it is what it is.