Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin

Not that I think this announcement has anything to do with it, but whatever happened to the Fallout MMO license? Interplay was trying to retain it, but Bethesda was suing them saying, “no, we bought that shit too.”

Didn’t Bethesda also just get the Fallout 3 in Fallout 4 mod taken down as well?

My bet is is a new game done by another developer (or ‘co-developed with BGS’), set in the Fallout world, but it won’t be a open world RPG.

I’d love a New Vegas remaster, though… it’s Bethesda so it would still mostly look like dog shit once a human being shows up.

Considering how long they’re leaving it up, I expect this is going to be a clusterfuck though. If it’s “Fallout 4 for the Switch!!!” people are gonna be grabbing pitchforks and torches I think.

I mean it’s still going, they laid him down, gave him a blanket and turned off the lights.

This is 100% a fallout re-release for switch.

It’s Fallout: Holy Roman Empire, set in the early days of Charlemagne’s reign. Trust me on this.

Just on a slightly different note, but Bethesda bought out id like nine years ago. That was when Rage was in development, and it seemed like a no-brainer that part of the reason they bought id was so they could get their engine technology of the future.

Look at how EA bought out DICE and now Frostbite is powering everything from Madden to Battlefield.

And yet, here we are almost a decade later, and Bethesda is still rocking their Creation engine. And, to be honest, the Creation engine doesn’t look anywhere as good as other engines.

I would be so happy. So many other people would be so mad.

XCOM did very well… I’d say the market is ripe for a fallout tactics game.

Day One purchase for me.

Fallout 76. Can’t tell if it’s a full game, missions, or what.

Oh sweet, automobile combat in the Fallout universe! Just what we’ve always wanted.

Yep, that sounds pretty cool, actually. If that’s what it is, and if they’re able to make it feel Car Wars-ish.

Where are you getting any indication that there is vehicle combat, or vehicles at all?

I think we’re all conflating Fallout 76 and Interstate 76.

Heck, for all we know this is a dungeon-crawler set in an alternate vault.

I made a joke that didn’t quite work out. You know, Fallout, Interstate ‘76, ha ha.

I’m really surprised we’re getting a new Fallout game so soon after Fallout 4. I feel like there’s another shoe to drop, like it’s really a “Fallout experience” or a smallish expansion pack being sold as a full game.

Only 76 bugs in the entire game! We promise!

C’mon. Let’s keep our speculation realistic at least.

So online only, multiplayer, and according to Jason Schreier we should not expect a traditional RPG experience.