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My eyes cannot roll enough


Durn ol lawyers. Now if this was on Steam it wouldn’t be a pro…hmmmmm.


Not FO76 related, but I am watching the two legends - Tim Cain and Leon Boyarsky, Fallout’s dads - play Fallout 1:

And holy hell it is like an excercise in screaming internally at how much they have no idea how to play a game they created :D

But I learnt there is a hunting rifle in Vault 15 that I never found across my 12 or so playthroughs, so there is that.

Also this little nugget Tim says during the first person intro cutscene:

“I thought this was cool, because we used to talk about, “someday we are gonna make Fallout in first person, and this is what it would look like”. And one day, it was made in first person.”

If only Tim and Leon left Carbine and Blizzard for Obsidian sooner, they could have been the ones making New Vegas (or its hypothetical equivalent).

I hope Project Indiana is first/third person proper RPG.
They say it shares Leon’s dark deppressing sense of humor and Tim’s silliness. They are both co-directors on it.


He hated it.


I watched the whole thing. As madding as it is that they fail to know how to do certain things, they did things I have never done like finding the hunting rifle and stealing rope from the town greeter in Shady Sands. Also they are very successful in acquiring the waterchip which is legit. (and dog meat is awesome)


I think they did, really. The main questline in '76 is way better than the one in FO4. No bogus time displacement crap or faux familial angst.


50% stash size increase coming on the 4th of December (in a week), with more to come later once they confirm the impact on the servers.

There are 2 announced patches in that article (4th and 11th of December) with various stability fixes and PC specific features like field of view settings).


They’re deep into damage control mode now. Good. I look forward to seeing the game as it exists in late 2019.


Me too. I know the hate for this game is stronk, but I’ve found it to be a great co-op Fallout 4 experience thus far, and the map/world has been great. If this game is steadily improved into late 2019? All for it.


Players hit with the Cryolator will now be Chilled, Frosted or Frozen depending on how many times they are hit. The duration of movement speed reductions applied by these effects have also been decreased from two hours to 30 seconds.

That’s a bug right? There’s no way anyone thought hindering player movement for 2 hours was okay, right?


Hah, yeah. Must have been a bug.


This might be unpopular but… I like the game a lot and think it suffers from a crisis of perception for which Bethesda is mostly responsible.





Somebody’s feeling sassy today!

I’ll probably stream it some tonight and discuss my thoughts, if anyone is interested.


Many of the more thoughtful reviews I’ve read have specifically addressed this and have said how much they came into the game expecting to find criticism of it to be overstated…and then ended up giving the game 4 or 5 out of 10 based off of their own experiences and perceptions and insights while playing.


I feel the same way. Unpopular or not, it’s not a singular opinion, in any case. :)


It’s no grand secret that I think most reviewers aren’t particularly good at their jobs.


So, I’ll briefly explain what I mean by perceptions. I don’t mean that someone at IGN said it was bad so there’s a cascade. This is what I mean:

I think one of the biggest issues is that the story to Fallout 76 directly ties into why there are no NPCs of the human variety. It isn’t built up as a mystery or anything by Bethesda at all, so people just assume it was a choice for some technical reason or something. You can’t tell people why there are no humans without spoilers.

Here’s the kicker - I’ve talked to a few people PAST that point in the game, and they had no idea what I’m talking about. It’s right there, in the game, if you pay attention.

Another thing that kind of changed my perception about Fallout 76 - Just because a game I played and enjoyed before has NPC and branching dialogs doesn’t mean that’s why I enjoyed it. I think the writing in Bethesda games can be very spotty. For every Nick Valentine you get, there’s a dozen other goofy, forgettable characters. Those parts are OK and all, but when I play Skyrim or Fallout, I’m not clamoring to go back to the quest hub and interact with the quest-givers.I like to explore, find cool environments and let them tell the story.

This is the one thing that Bethesda excels at - environmental storytelling - and 76 is no different. The stuff you find in 76 is on par with, and in certain cases, better than the previous Bethsoft Fallout games. The story is certainly more compelling.

If you want my quick summation, as of playing a few good hours, is that I think they’re going for more of a Dark Age of Camelot feel. They will be introducing factions to the PvP for the world, and the end game is about taking and protecting map points and launching nukes to create high level PvE zones. Maybe, in the end, all of this won’t work, but I’m not mad that they’re trying it.


I never took the cannibalism perk in previous games because I figured it would make me a pariah. But I guess since Fallout 76 doesn’t have human NPCs, being a cannibal has no downsides?


I guess if being a cannibal doesn’t eat away at you and you can live with yourself without being consumed by guilt then there are no downsides.