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I am only about 2 hours in, playing with a buddy, but I kind of feel the same way.

It is the fun and popular thing to do to trash on this game, so people are just dunking openly on it right now. The game definitely has some egregious flaws that should have been fixed prior to release, but the core Fallout world in this game is fairly exciting. And I think if you are a fan of the Bethesda fallout games, there is plenty to like here.

Also in playing this game I realized how little I actually cared about conversations with NPC’s in Fallout 3 and 4, the most interesting stories I found were happening upon a cabin with 2 corpses in an embrace, cyanide on the table, with a sad story in text. That environmental storytelling is here.

Early on, there was a holotape of a man trapped in a fridge, screaming to get out, giving up the location of his secret stash in a stump. I got out the pen and paper and wrote down his directions, and sure enough… I found some loot. That was pretty cool. My buddy who is like level 35 had missed that when he went through the area.

I really hope they continue to support the game.

I also don’t think Bethesda deserves a free pass for how terribly this game was rolled out, and the bugs and server issues, but underneath the jank, I am finding something to enjoy, at the very least.


Oh wow! I found that stash purely by accident when wandering around. I remember passing by a cabin or two but I didn’t investigate, so I had no idea there was a story behind it. I just figured it was my lucky day. :)


My current combo:

Canival. Healed by radiation. Heal radiation with light. => radiation heal me, then disapears. I can stay alive fighting in radiated places.
Unfortunally , the heal radiation with light only work at the day, not at the night.


Bring a flashlight, homie.


I might be interested in watching that stream JM… how do I get there? I am sorely tempted on this game. I also like the tension between the reviewers vs. the crazy populace vs. some of you all here that seem to be liking it.

Finally I would like to see how combat works a bit better. VATS doesn’t slow things down I get that but … ok so what does it do?


It does everything else VATS does. You can target limbs and have a % chance to hit each. The percentage is based on your Perception stat and the accuracy of your weapon. It’s also affected by environmental factors, movement, etc. I believe it is also where you can execute Crits (I don’t invest in Luck, really).


It’s really hard to aim when the faster, flailing enemies are running at you and around you…so using vats is a sure fire hit…mostly…I wait till its above 90% and then shoot. So, if there are 4-5 Feral Ghouls, I will VAT, VAT, VAT and they will all die after one or two hits (depending on level of course.)

You have to have enough AP do utilize it so if you are running and at the end of your AP, you wont be able to use VATS until it builds up a bit…so I tend to walk in dangerous places to keep my AP up all the way for VAT utilization.

I went to some higher level places last night and found a lot more glitches than near the main first area. Lots of glitches so I can see that being a problem. I don’t mind a few but saw way too many last night…will still play though…enjoying it.


It’s a complicated process, but it’s a riddle that’s Bethesda designed for players to solve. “What you’re trying to do in the game is make something that someone could reasonably solve with pencil and paper and so you have to keep it simple,” Zimmermann said.

Players have already created a number of tools to streamline this process. The most time consuming part is waiting for the revelation of the key word, but a Reddit user named Waffle_cop has already built a program called Nukacrypt that will generate strings of possible numbers based on the letters already revealed. Nukacrypt allows players to both skip the hassle of working out these problems longhand and generates possible launch codes before the week’s full keyword is fully revealed. Essentially, players are partially hacking through what little protection Bethesda put around the codes to get nukes faster.

“I wouldn’t say it was too complicated,” Waffle_cop told me on Reddit. “I spend a lot of time completing programming puzzles, so this was just another puzzle. I built it so that I could be the first person to drop a nuke on live servers, a race to be the first. I realized however that this could be a great community tool, helping others achieve the end game quests.”

With a list of numbers to try, players can approach the nuclear launch keypad and enter in numbers until they hit the right sequence and launch a nuke. Every attempt requires a nuclear keycard that’s consumed regardless of whether the nuke fires, but the keycards are not that hard to acquire—players have to down a flying cargobot and pick a lock on its corpse to grab a keycard. Players are already walking into nuclear silos armed with a pile of them to burn through.

Each silo has one code that works for a week. It’s the same code across all servers and players like Waffle_cop are sharing the codes once they’re discovered.

OMG at the bolded.


What is the significance of launching a nuke in game?


It transforms an area of the map into an event space with tons of high-level monsters and much better loot for a time.

Hilarious that it was comprehensively exploited like that.


Damn, I missed the Black Thursday Green Man Gaming sales. I’m still continue to be firmly on the fence on this game LOL.

At one point does the stash limitation become a big deal by level 10, or level 20?


I think JM might be streaming the a bit. I’ll check the utube channel.


He streams on Twitch , his name there is JVMcMaster.


From all the streams I’ve watched, it doesn’t seem like there’s really any PvP going on. You hardly ever run into anyone else, and when you do, it looks like everyone just ignores each other or helps out.

Maybe that’s just the people I watch though.


Yeah, I’ve yet to be attacked by another player.


Bah! I’m sorry I didn’t see this before! I’ll put the Fallout 76 bit of my stream up on YouTube


LK I saw that but he was streaming something else. Kevin maybe you could stream a little fallout '76? That would be awesome!

(I ask that knowing that I couldn’t stream my morning in general sessions court — but I figured you might know how


I have been attacked a few times. Once early on when I was still in the single digits, a couple of people kept plinking at me but I just fast traveled away. Another time I accidentally became Wanted when I tried to help out a player but the shotgun spread hit him as well as the ferals; a high level player in full power armor collected that bounty fast. But mostly it’s either we ignore each other or help out with tough mobs.

One thing I’ve discovered, though, and I think this is how it works, is that monster levels are determined by the level of the person entering the spawn zone (and modified I think by the area itself, perhaps). So if a high level character is going ahead of you and triggering spawns, and then running off without killing all of them, you will run into their spawns first, then generally the mobs that spawn for you. So I’ve run into mobs in the sixties when I’m half that level, because some high-level dude ran through in front of me. Luckily, with enough kiting and ammo, I’ve been able to kill most of them too.


Same, though I am barely level 5. My friend who is 35 says there is basically no PVP.


Just how I like it. :)