Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


what stussers say. It change a zone into a high level area for limited time. Also lol if your questline want you to visit the area and you are a lowbie (But hazmat gear are not rare, and they give you 1000Rad protection, that basically make you inmune, but you may not have this information if you are newbie).

Theres … some… potential for griefing here, but launching a missiles takes a lot of effort for 4 high level players, is not something you do for the lol of it, because is too high time and resources inversion.


What I’ve seen is that when people hit higher levels–50 is the soft cap in terms of gaining SPECIAL points, though you continue to get Perk cards–they tend to think of more and more PvP-ish things to do, because there doesn’t seem to be that robust of an endgame yet.


For me is one of these “make your own fun” type of games. I figure, that would not work for a lot of people.


I want my fun served up on a silver platter, motherfucker.


hahahahaha… :D


I’ve watched some people do it, and this is an understatement. First you have to gather a bunch of keycards from rare world enemies, then you have to do a scenario in the launch center that takes a while, at least an hour I think. I can’t imagine people doing it to grief others, and even then, there’s a three-minute warning at the detonation site so plenty of time to get out.


That alone might get me interested.



Another Ubisoft downgrade.


Or, you could just go to the reddit thread I linked earlier and get all the launch codes at the beginning of every week.


It appears the handles are still canvas. :)


Here’s my 76 gameplay from last night


Will watch tomorrow. :)


I am weakening LK – I may make a secret Fallout '76 purchase. And root around a bit.


You better not buy it at full price! Its been as low as $30!


Damn, you’re probably right! :)

Bethesda’s first-class PR team delivers more lols.


that’d be cool if i could be immortal and flying as well


That’s a damn good door, looks like cherry wood type, that’s fancy, c’mon. And nine (9!) flowers, some people always have to complain …


Microtransactions are kind of ridiculous. They are very far from fortnite “must have” territory and in “why the hell are you showing me this trash?” area.


500 atoms is a very low amount of “premium” currency.