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When you’re charging $18 for one reskin of a power suit, $5 is nothing. It doesn’t even get you the reskin of the Pipboy which is $6.


It is kinda amazing to see how Bethesda is fucking up. Right after Blizzard was fucking up so much. One would think that customer oriented behavior should not be such rocket science.


The rage over the canvas collectors edition bag quality is huge on the internet. So amazing.

What’s also amusing is the free swag they gave away to streamers at the Greenbrier Fallout 76 event is nicer than the content of the collectors edition. Look at the quality of that backpack! Canvas and LEATHER straps.

Saw this over on youtube:


Yep… from ResetERA


Like, I think some of the reactions to the game itself are a bit histrionic, as it is a flawed game that still is fun to play, at least to me.

But… that collector’s edition swap is… just awful and stupid.

“unavailability of materials” is business speak for, the materials cost too much, so we swapped them for cheaper ones.

These are super fans shelling out 200 bucks (for some insane reason) for a game, and you are screwing them.



This is just a straight up lie, false advertising.


Enjoy the video of it.


Somebody should document this.

Bethesda announce a multiplayer spinoff of the Fallout game

  • #1: They don’t define it has a spinoff, possibly making core fans angry
  • #2: The genre where they can put the title is a complicated one with pvp stress, and different than their experience, and where games are often full of bugs. This awake the suspicion from internet people that the game will not land very well. Possible trainwreck. The sharks smell blood in the waters.

Bethesda bait and switch tactic with the beta.

  • #3: They sell beta access, but the beta is actually only a few hours a few days.
  • #4: The version people see in the beta have huge bugs, like T-posed npcs. This cement the idea a trainwreck is incoming.

Bethesda release a buggy game.

  • #5: Game delete itself a hour before release on PC.
  • #6: Player feedback accumulate. Game is horrible (except these that love it). Many people have a terrible experience.
  • #7: Players confirm the engine is very dated by 2018 standards.
  • #8: Patch for the game is bigger than the game. Many people on USA still have download caps, and downloading 50GB multiple times probably have killed that cap.
  • #9: Reviews are super-hard on the title, giving it a score of ~53/100. The internet attack the game like the antichrist.
  • #10: Super-delux version of the game (200$) lie on the advertisement and bag is actually a trash quality bag.

If I am missing something important, please tell me.


Every marketing professional should know this: you do not fuck over your Collector’s Edition buyers. They are your biggest fans!

Would love to know who decided it was OK to make the change and why. And then who decided not to get out in front of the drama with a post and pre-apology. Then who decided $5 worth of in-game currency was a suitable make-good.

It’s just unforced error upon unforced error. At a time they can ill afford them.


Keep in mind that the in-game currency costs Zenimax literally nothing. They could have given every Collector’s Edition player a whopping $100 in “atoms” and people would probably have been OK with it.

Of course what would have been smarter, would have been to give them a bunch of otherwise unobtainable cosmetics and maybe a perk card for extra carrying weight usable at level 1 called “Collector’s Edition Canvas Pack”. That would have been pretty clever.


This is a pvp game, so don’t give people a combat advantage. Maybe a permanent or temporal XP boost would be ok.


You’re right, but really, we’re talking about something like 10k people probably. Give them every single item in the shop as an apology. Jesus, you overservice those guys, not cheap out on them.




#11. Profit!


Good news guys. My group is not asking me to consider this game anymore. The one that bought is still playing, he likes to share his bug experiences with us. The one that he suckered into playing with him wont’ touch it again, she only did it that one time. I promised if it ever gets cleaned up in a year or two or five, I’ll consider it.

That’s an easy promise to make because it’s true. I still like the idea behind it, sort of.


So this came up on another forum. Is Fallout 76 a MMO or a survival game?


It’s a shareholder value crafting game.


It doesn’t have much similarity to either, really.


It has a lot of MMO elements but it isn’t massively multiplayer. It’s kind of a non-massively online game.


MMOF. Minorly multiplayer online fuckup?


And the material of which there is unavailability is freaking canvas. I’m pretty sure they could track some down.