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He got a lifetime ban from Bethesda online games.


They mentioned somewhere in there that Sony and Microsoft was looking at it. This is one of those games that’s got an integrated term right? There was another one like that, maybe it was Harry Potter. I am not… sure how I feel about having an issue in one game and then that bleeding into the entire platform, but this lead guy here, he flat up is not apologetic. He doesn’t acknowledge he did anything wrong.


If he’s on XBL or PSN and violated TOS, they have the right to ban whoever they want.


I think he mouthed off when he thought he was only getting a three day ban. So he screwed up. Good for him.


There’s nothing in that story about Microsoft or Sony directly, only Bethesda saying that they, MS, and Sony investigate misconduct generally. Bethesda banned him for life from their online service, which is pretty much their harshest recourse.

Microsoft and Sony could do the same, but again, I don’t see that mentioned at all.

Riot has a lot of research about toxic behavior and has, I think, decided that giving people a chance to reform by being very clear with them immediately about why they’re being suspended or punished in some way is a better solution. This asshole can just make another account and continue to be toxic.


Given how good the writing, quest design, and world design–independent of the game systems and back end–are in this game, I really don’t think this is true. There is a ton of loving detail and design ability on display here, and the the level of Fallout lore exposition and context setting is the best in the series so far, bar none, in my opinion. So while the overall concept might be a cash grab at some level, the team that developed this I don’t think were doing anything but their best, with what they had.


That’s the sharp end – the content creators at BGS have always done themselves proud with world-building.

I’m talking about the overall project direction itself, not the guys in the trenches. The guys in the trenches are probably like, “But didn’t you guys want limited multiplayer in FO4?” The Bethsoft directors are like, “No, you don’t get to fix those bugs. That’s not what FO76 is about.”

I mean, how can’t we see the “Perks Packs” as an microtransaction grab only aborted after EA’s stumble?


It’s certainly possible (or probable) that the Zenimax end of things is just like you describe. I do think it is important though to credit the designers for the stuff they did well. I’ve been playing the hell out of this game since I got it and really enjoy it, despite the bugs.


It does seem like there’s a great game lurking beneath all the problems. When it’s actually finished in March or April they should try to re-launch it, even though that’s very difficult.


Oh that is 100% accurate, not a doubt in my mind. And F76 is an asset flip in that they reused a ton of work done for F4. But that’s fine, it’s a separate game in its own right. Just not a very good one.


It can, apparently, always get worse.


Marketing sells more than the quality of your product.

The deep of the sea is filled with companies with really good quality products that did not sell well.

Maybe not the deep of the sea, that would be boats


It’s pretty much standard procedure for big publishers to throw some more valuable swag towards journalists and influencers who attend their E3 or gamescom showings or some of their own press events. That said, given the context of the Power Armor Edition, the optics on this ain’t too good right now. :)


warning, language issues with this guy, as always. He also doesn’t like the game.

That bag is horrific. It’d be interesting to see what discussions around giving that crap out to people who actually pay 200 dollars for basically swag. Canvas is not leather. There is no reason they couldn’t figure this out if they tried a little harder.


But they did figure it out. They figured that giving the canvas bags to reviewers was worth more than giving them to paying customers.


That’s not the same bag though. I assume, and yes it’s an assumption, that those are different budgets and projects.

The way some are talking about the advertised bags, you’d think they’re gold or something but it’s just canvas. It’s weird that’s the claim.


I don’t really have a horse in this race, but this made me smile today.

Caption: If Bethesda included Nuka Colas in the collector’s edition.

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This dress comes up all the time… and that is not the same fabric.


I heard they were giving out ice cream bars as well