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Bloody hell. Could it get any worse?


Yes. I don’t know precisely how offhand, but assuredly yes. Stay tuned!


I’m certainly enjoying the show from the sidelines.


I realized that was a foolish question as soon as I hit reply.


Well, at least Bethesda hasn’t started a trade war with China. Yet.



A good write-up on Kotaku:

In response, a Bethesda community manager simply says in a forum thread “Hi guys, we’ve resolved this issue.”

Here’s what the data breach looked like:



At least we now know any issues with 76 aren’t for lack of trying but due to sheer incompetence :)


these idiots better stick to single player games…


Wow. That’s… that’s…


Wait, did Bethesda write their own support website???


You know I saw a stream of this and it didn’t look that bad. Now for sure the steamer had an axe that he used to kill everything …. “axe murderer” etc – but still it seemed like it was ok. I may wait out a few bugs and see where its going in a month or too. I get that its a dumpster fire but ……


I’m sure they’ll get the game at least to middling levels eventually. The problem is… things happen, but why is their front facing staff so bad? Hi guys, we’ve resolved the issue is what you tell your teammates, it was too expensive to make, also your team… like where are the people that formulate the messages you send to customers or maybe just a person who knows you should have consideration when passing along that kind of information?




The customer info thing is pretty much unforgivable in this day and age, agreed. Does it really have much to do with the game itself, though? Maybe in that staggering incompetence on one area of the business could I suppose be indicative of problems elsewhere, but I do think this game shows the real divisions between all the working parts in a game development and publishing environment. I think much of the basic world building and game design for '76 is excellent. I think the technical underpinnings are…problematic. I think everyone can agree the back-end stuff is pretty bad, and some of the meta decisions around the game design are questionable at best. I’m not sure how many of those categories though actually overlap in terms of people or teams. Certainly the developer types have little to nothing to do with customer service snafus or probably the engine, given that dollars to donuts they were told to use what they had.


So I get all the mishaps, the poor play, the technical difficulties. The stupid premium “canvas” crap. (really who orders all that anyways?)

I also get the Bethesda apologists.

But let me ask those people actually playing the game – is it FUN?
Plus I wanna see the greenbrier again --last time I was there it cost me an arm and a leg – and --uh – this next time it might cost me the same.


It’s been answered a thousand and one times in this thread. If you liked Fallout 4 exploration you’ll like this. If you are mostly interested in story an conversing with NPCs or if you disliked Fallout 4 for any way, you won’t like it.


Thank you Kevin. I won’t ask again.


Oh, I didn’t mean to sound snippy! It’s just that fundamentally nothing has changed. The game is what it is, some will like it others will hate it. Whether or not you’ll find it fun just kind of depends on what you’re looking for.


At this point its looking like a really bad decision to make FO76 ahead of Starfield and ES6.