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I think many people may well be less enamored, if not bored, of the basic exploration with combat and loot formula here. The technical woes are significant with this game, so if you’re not really into the formula it offers up, there’s little reason to spend any time with it.

I still love the formula though, and the West Virginia they’ve crafted is an amazing place to wander. Went to Harper’s Ferry and, yes, it looks very much like Harper’s Ferry in reality (well, with the addition of ghouls and stuff). Everywhere you wander, there is something you can come across which is intriguing and cool.

Of course, as soon as you, something odd will happen like photos from the photo mode not saving, or the servers going belly up randomly, or your camp construction storage duplicating everything in it every time you visit, or something like that…


I have played FONV so much. I’m playing it again with just some stability and prettiness mods, and I’m STILL finding new things I hadn’t hit before. I actually ran through the Kings quest for the first time, because I always scraped up the 2k caps in the past.

FO76 got uninstalled. I’ll be keeping an eye on what Bethsoft does with it. Hopefully a NMS makeover.


How far did you get, (player rank)?


I made it to level 25, and played lots and lots of hours with restarts.


At level 54 here, and still working on the main quest stuff. Still having a ton of fun, really, despite all the oddities.


I play every few days for an hour or so…enjoy it for what it is.


Noah Caldwell Gervais would have preferred something different too, but for what it is, he didn’t hate it.


Silly video.

This is just me playing the piano.


If it comes in a Humble Monthly I’ll give it a try, otherwise I’ll get my Fallout fix from The Outer Worlds.


Have you tried New California?


There’s a miscellaneous quest in one town to play a series of instruments on different roof tops. It’s oddly fun and really nifty, and the music isn’t half bad.


Level 90+ still playing. I do a daily nuike of the Greenbriar (can nuke with code in about twenty minutes), Alot of the routine in my gameplay resembles the time I had with the Division…except Division was more group focused.

Hopefully they add more content, I heard they have some Ohio area gameplay, west of the map. Would be cool!


At some point they are going to open the other Vaults. And it seems that will be dungeons.

So another experience like the launch a nuke quest, but without the nuke thing.

If they where smart, completing one of these events would always reward everyone on the server, but I don’t think they are that bold.

I don’t know why I am still playing this game withouth endgame. Level 132 I believe, I stopped looking at the level.


lol same here. its relaxing. i play while listening to podcasts.


In most traditional MMOs, I loathe the endgame stuff, so this is right up my alley!


What was this people talking about? I found this guy with a open mic while chilling around.


This seems crazy to me.




Bethesda: Courage since Horse Armour '06


I went from “maybe I’ll check this out at some point when it’s a bit more refined” to “I may never give Bethesda my money again.”


“Locking shit you previously had in singleplayer behind always-on-multiplayer paywalls!”