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The biggest exploits right now lay in the utterly broken trade system, where an adversarial actor (i.e., another player) can steal stuff right off from you.

Not to mention the continuing drama of the broken anti-cheat damage system, which, in cases where your weapon does too much damage (explosive rounds in particular), enemies become unkillable until you log.

Or the crash on exit introduced in the latest PC patch.

None of which Bethsoft has acknowledged.


This game sucks.


Got the game free from the Blizzard launcher. Is the DLC worth buying for solo players who will never group up in a billion years?


If you like an extremely shallow experience with cringe inducing writing then D2 just might be the game you’re looking for.


What I can’t understand is how they could roll this out with the totally horrible, broken, unintuitive, and functionally useless trade system they have. Above and beyond any cheating, or thieving, the basic system blows syphilitic goats.

My wife and I were trying to trade some stuff, and the trade system made two long-time veterans of MMOs going back to the pay-per-hour days, both with advanced degrees, feel like total putzes. Nothing about it is intuitive, logical, or efficient, and even a simple act like giving someone a weapon you’ve made requires all sorts of hoop jumping and even then it’s hit or miss whether you’ll actually end up transferring the right thing.

And the lock-up on exiting to desktop (mine doesn’t crash the PC at least) is baffling and annoying.

Worst of all, as you note, there has been like zero communication about anything from Bethesda. Like, nothing. No mea culpas, no serious roadmaps for a path forward, nothing, just announcements of more Atomic Shop crap and the occasional notice about maintenance time. Really horrible.

It’s doubly bad because I really like the moment to moment experience, most of the time. Maybe it’s because this sort of game is made for people like me, who can spend hours simply wandering the countryside, fully engaged in the minutia of traversing the landscape and shooting the occasional bloatfly or Wendigo. It’s a game for us spectrum folks, Fallout: Aspie Edition.



An update on the canvas bag saga, players who put in a request for a replacement received an email informing them it’s going to take an estimated “4-6 months for manufacturing and delivery,” but in the interim they’ll receive 500 atoms to spend! Pete Hines is truly a master of PR.


Yo! 1000 Atoms total! They’re over halfway to getting that sweet white paint for their Power Armor.


So has the game had any positive news at all?


It’s rekindled interest in previous, better Fallout games.


Now all that needs to happen is for it to go to ad-banner-sponsorship like SFV.


It’s like watching a train-wreck except no one is dying, so it has some entertainment value for those who are not even playing.

Who could’ve guessed that the company that brought use horse armor wouldn’t think twice about schilling stuff while their broken game is being discussed in every corner of the gaming verse.

Seriously though most people I’ve heard from about this game, including the one I know really well, say there are sparks of joy to be found. They just should have waited longer. it’s just not ready.


That’s what I’ve been saying, yeah. Zenimax isn’t going to abandon F76, and it will be a far better game in a year.


I dunno. Bethsoft is showing itself to be remarkably tone deaf with everything they’ve done (and more importantly, not done) so far. There’s a level of either stupidity and/indifference that’s just… well. Future hazy; try again later.


Yeah, as a company you can say that. Unless game companies are completely organized differently than most others, it seems like the poor decision making might be by multiple people. The person who thought screwing over their fans forking out 200 dollars for collector items over a canvas bag, dear god it’s just canvas!, may not be the same one that decided not to communicate well with the players even after knowing they released a buggy game that requires a lot of work, remember they warned everyone about that so they know, and is certainly not the person who sent out e-mails telling their fans sorry you’re unhappy but not really that sorry.

It could really be a series of missteps all happening at once. Their desire though to capitalize, horse armor, paid mods, even on top of a broken game… that’s probably company culture.


I wonder what effect not having this game on Steam is having on sales vs. its generally bad reception. I tend to forget this game until I come here and see this thread. I know I would probably fall into the “like” group based on the exploration gameplay but it just slips my mind.


*insert here joke about Trump brother and post nuclear apocalipse*


This game really feels like it could have been FO 5, but somewhere along the way the company decided they wanted to go online and turn it into a monetized stream/games as a service sort of thing. The good stuff is all the stuff that would have been good as a normal Fallout (well, FO 3 and on) game. The bad is mostly all the other stuff.


The only complaints I’ve had about the game are the same as Fallout 4. I think it’s time they moved on to a new engine, this one has been pushed to its limits and beyond. I get that it’s an enormous undertaking, but they have deep pockets.