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They’re banning people/accounts now that have accessed or used the dev room.


Yeah, that was kinda my point–the intent and the execution don’t match up.

I’m not sure about the microtransactions so much, though, given the “meh” nature of most of the stuff they are trying to sell.and the relatively clunky way the Atomic Shop is actually integrated into the game. But again, that too could just be poor execution!


I can’t speak to the legitimacy of Segment Next’s report, but it wouldn’t be that surprising to see the game go F2P in the near future.

According to reports, EB Games has pulled new copies of Fallout 76 from its shelves. It is a distributor recall and has nothing to do with EB Games itself pulling the plug on Fallout 76. Tricentennial or Power Armour editions are still available so it is only the base game copies that are pulled for the time being.

EB Games Australia currently has no new base game physical copies on sale. In fact, there is a buy one get one free offer up for Fallout 76 pre-owned copies at EB Games Australia. Interestingly, at the time of this writing Amazon had 28 copies left in stock for Fallout 76 which is strange considering the size of this retailer. It seems the new shipment hasn’t arrived for Amazon sellers. It is curious how Amazon sellers are low on Fallout 76 physical copies.


Free to play? Finally a price I’d pay.


Still waiting for offline mode and free mods. :P


Is too bad companies use terrible software. Something like private servers+ mods would made this game incredible succesful.


Actually someone pointed out the source for this rumor was a Youtuber called The Quartering who releases scoops like this:

So it’s probably okay to disregard this EB story for the time being. :)


The game should have been free to play from release… or at least early access price. I still think F76 is a good game not fully finished. It has more content than all of the early access titles trying to do similar things. If they go free to play, hoping this game will do well. It’s a diamond in the rough as long as you don’t play it like a hard core mmo. It’s good as a casual online rpg… the systems are generally balanced and the combat, while not great, is engaging enough. Just like any bethesda open world game, the best part is exploring on your own… theres many cool areas in game that you SHOULD NOT get spoiled… like the fist time you go thru some areas ala Skyrim/Fallout.


Play it solo like FO 4.5, call the game done when you can launch nukes. It’s fine then.


Got an email about this today:

There is a part of me that wants to own one of those very bad.


Heh, can’t wait for everyone to start bitching about their brand new pleather jacket they got and Bethesda tries to explain to the world why a shortage of cows caused all the problems.


More likely the “premium lambskin leather” will turn out to be nylon on delivery. To compensate for the false advertising, they will give you 50 atoms.



A Fallout 76 jacket would look fantastic hanging next to my Godfather 3 and Blues Brothers 2000 pullovers.


Anyone wearing that jacket should get a punch in the face for being so dumb to spend that much money on it. ;)



I have a collection of things like this: signed Daikatana poster, boxed copy of LawBreakers, etc. It belongs in my sick museum!


Now we’re talking.


HA HA! You’re Romero’s bitch!


I sucked it down :(


That doesn’t make you a bad person. :)


Eh, leather jackets (assuming this is, actually, leather) fall into that price range quite often, and many of them at that price point aren’t exactly Armani, if you know what I mean. So just on the basic cost of the commodity, it’s not a terrible price. If the jacket is actually well-made, it’s a decent price for a good looking leather jacket.