Fallout: New Vegas

I know some people don’t like Kotaku, so feel free to post any different sources! Also, I hope this hasn’t been posted, I did a search, I think its pretty new!

But yes, New Vegas… Hmmm, my hope is that it would be like the fun old days is Reno ;) When I play this game, there better be a side-quest to fight the Masticator :D


Wow. New Vegas. Does that mean we’ll be traveling out west, or is New Vegas (nomenclature wise this makes sense) not in Nevada?

Edit: I’m an idiot. RTFA. It’s a new game!

Fallout 2’s New Reno was on the site of present-day regular Reno, so I’d expect the same here.

This is a new game, not an expansion, according to the article.

Also, this exact scenario was announced several years ago on NMA (I know, right!) as an April Fool’s joke. Hilarious.

I wonder if it’ll still be in first person using the FO3 engine, or if it’ll be something else entirely.

The Kotaku article says it will be “the same type of game as Fallout 3”, which I took to mean an FPSRPG or whatever the ungodly acronym you’re supposed to use is.

Bethesda is probably handing the engine and development tools to Obisidian for them to create the content.

Awesome. Although it’s the type of awesome that’s tempered by wariness over the lack of details, at this point in time. Sounds good, though!

Does this mean the writing will generally be better, but the story will suddenly cut off right before the end?

happy happy joy joy!

How would that be any different than Fallout 3? rimshot

I would think Bethesda has the money and patience to let them finish their game, provided the dev team can get their act together a minimum amount.


that’s cool they’re throwing a bone to Obsidian

I’d like to see them create more of an opportunity to live and work in the wasteland … Tilt the balance of power between factions more … Perhaps more guild-based stuff, community membership, and NPC interaction. I felt that was missing a bit.

I’m probably the only person not to be excited about Obsidian developing. I thought NWN2 was awful, and honestly, it’s been ten years since this group has done a game that I thought was really great.

Have you tried Mask of the Betrayer? I thought NWN2 was pretty boring myself, but apparently MOTB is RPG bliss or something. I’d hunt it down if I was you.

With the aliens RPG canned, this deal is almost certainly responsible for obsidian staying in business. Great, great news.


Fallout 3 wasn’t perfect either. I just want more RPGs, and I want some of the old houses to stay in business until they create the next (flawed?) gem. Gaming would be very boring if all we had left was Bioware and Bethesda, though I guess the Eastern Europeans will always be there.

You know what’s better than Fallout? More Fallout. Awesome.