Fallout: New Vegas


Perhaps. My point though is that if anyone knows how to use their resources most profitably, I’m betting it’s Zenimax, not a bunch of us on a gaming forum. It is, to me, totally immaterial whether NV had better X, Y, or Z, because as far as I can tell none of that matters in terms of selling games. Don’t mistake my views for disagreeing with your assessments of the games–I agree wholeheartedly with your critique. I just think these sorts of critiques are only relevant to us, not to publishers, in the main.


Oh I don’t think that’s true, even publishers are sensitive to review scores, and to a lesser extent criticism. And even large studios like Zenimax care about their craft, making the best games possible, entertaining their audience. They aren’t soulless parasites like Zynga.


I hear you, but I am unconvinced. Oh, I know they are sensitive to review scores–years as a game writer/editor taught me that!–but I don’t see much evidence that critical reception sets spending agendas, unless the critics align with sales numbers. And I am not suggesting these companies are soulless, given the talent and enthusiasm of the people that work there. But I am suggesting that their definition of good gameplay is often not shared by folks on forums like this, and that difference of opinion often gets expressed in binary terms–we are right, they (whose livelihoods depend on selling games) are wrong. That, I find hard to swallow.

But that sci-fi game linked above? I’d play that in a heart beat. I have far less affinity for handcrafted/narrative heavy games than some here I think. Procedural generation, tons of weapons, and enough context to frame the carnage, and I’m good.


If FO4 had amazing writing and quest design, and as a result got metacriticed at 95 like currently God of War is getting, do you think it would sell worse than it had?


I’m not sure I follow? Are you asking whether good reviews would have further improved the sales? I have no idea; I suppose so. Your assumption that better writing and quest design translates into better critical reaction, though, depends a lot on how those things get defined, and how different people value those ideas. I suppose, in a perfect world, a mediocre game that sells really well would, if made better, sell even more copies, but I have no idea how elastic the market actually is. It’s quite possible that no amount of improvement to FO4 would have increased sales, if the game’s sales already saturated the market.


Regarding Fallout 4 sales, it’s good to remember that A) Fallout Shelter caused a huge spike in awareness of the franchise which resulted in a sales boost that likely would happen regardless of the game’s quality, B) the most frequent criticism I see is that it’s not a bad game, just a bad Fallout game - a distinction that the general public usually doesn’t care about at all, and C) with successful franchises a poor entry usually doesn’t affect its own sales very much; it affects the next game’s sales. However, with Bethesda’s unpredictable development times for its RPGs there’s no way to predict how a future game might be affected; people have short memories. It is possible that the FO4 DLC was affected by negative reception but I haven’t seen any numbers that would indicate one way or another.


Mod coming on October 23. Prequel campaign to New Vegas, starts you off in Vault 18 in Los Angeles.


I thought it was mod for Fallout 4.


They already had to convert once from FO3 to NV, doing it again for FO4 would be a bit excessive.


Is this an entire new campaign? And its using the Fallout: NV engine?


I read elsewhere that it’s a “total conversion mod” using NV as base game.


This was easily my favorite of the 3D fallouts, and I kind of want to go back and replay with the DLC. I have a pretty burly computer (GeForce 1070, i7-8700, 32 GB of RAM), so I figure I can download a bunch of mods to make it pretty.

I think I’ll give the JSawyer mod a try. Not particularly interested in other mods that change the core gameplay. Is there some bundle I can grab that just makes everything prettier?


I’d be interested in that too.


No bundles, the closest you can get are various STEP guides, but you’ll still have to perform all the steps (including download) manually. Same goes for every Bethesda game.


That’s fine. I just don’t want to go through all the effort of figuring out what I want to do and what works together. Following a list is easy.

I googled STEP guide New Vegas and got this page: http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Fallout. It has several different mod managers and nothing that makes things pretty.

So I googled “how to make fallout new vegas pretty” and found https://medium.com/the-backlog-gog-com-stream-team-blog/make-fallout-new-vegas-so-beautiful-youll-fall-in-love-again-d74239715a30 which seems pretty close to what I want. Anyone have opinions on that list?


You have a CPU that can handle that kind of ENB mod. I played with an ENB mod too, and once you do, you can’t ever go back to vanilla, since it looks so much better. But I have a first generation Intel i-5 750 from 2009, and it’s not up to the task of giving me a smooth framerate with any kind of ENB. It’s pretty but very low framerate.


Google for ‘Fear and Loathing in New Vegas’, it was pretty current last time I checked. At worst you’ll get some ideas for mods to use, and it has (or had) a nice section breakdown - gameplay, graphics, etc.


Ugh. I installed most of the recommended mods, fired everything up, and the doctor and my character’s face were both big red exclamation points with a weird background. I’m too old for this shit.


I’ve just started replaying this again and had the same issue with the Fallout Character Overhauls (I added via Nexus Manager). The texture packs for the outdoors are good additions and work fine. I imagine many of these mods are no longer supported, such as the color map one where the creator had died.


New California modder in maximum overdrive to get this out, as Bethesda is planning a board game called Fallout New California