Familiarity breeds content in Far Cry Primal


Ubisoft could do this in their sleep. Sometimes it feels like they have. Far Cry’s evolution over the last three games has been, uh, glacial. Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry Primal consist of the same gameplay verbs applied to mostly different nouns. Upgrade your guns (bows and spears). Throw grenades (beehives). Clear out bases (bonfires) to capture fast travel points. Tag enemies with your camera (owl). Ride an elephant (woolly mammoth) into battle. Wreak havoc when you release wild animals (wild animals). Unlock the grappling hook (grappling hook).

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Chick, if kodo and podo were in this game, would that have at least warranted another star or two?


What an entertaining read! You almost sold me on that troglodyte village.


Are these still highly moddable games? Because a game version of Richard Adams' novel Shardik (about a primitive society that worships bears as gods, and the shamans who try to nurture and protect a bear that has suddenly shown up injured hear their home) could be amaaaaaazing and Far Cry Primal seems like the perfect foundation for it.


Damn! Now, that's a review.


You are the Justice Scalia of video game reviews.


"Solid games like Unity" ...what?


I've never really gotten into the Far Cry games (nothing against them, but I'm not a big FPS fan), but I decided to pick this one up specifically because of the prehistoric setting. I'm primarily disappointed that they went with Ice Age Europe rather than Ice Age Americas, which had more unusual animals, including giant sloths and glyptodons. Do they at least have woolly rhinos in this one?


This is one of the biggest missed opportunities in quite some time. I feel like they could've done so much more with this time period and concept...


I was thinking of taking my first jump into the Far Cry franchise with this one. Would it stand up for someone like me who is into open-world games, but hasn't done a Ubisoft one aside from AC Black Flag? Or is it just too bland to bother?


Spoiler, but yes! And they're big jerks. I just ran down a few of them with my pet badger helping out.


This one would be about as good as any other for you. Although I might recommend Syndicate instead for its main characters and occasional wow factor.


You heard me.


You expected too much from this game because it's priced way too high for what it is. It's essentially Blood Dragon 2.0. Primal is to Far Cry 4 what Blood Dragon was to Far Cry 3.

An expansion pack with a reskin and a slim few new ideas. Only this time they felt like they could really reach for the stars and charge a LOT more money.


"They’re inchstones and they ubiquitous." Fo shizzle


I'm enjoying it and haven't played more than an hour of Far Cry 3 (I played slightly more of Far Cry 2, but that's a pretty different game). It reminds me more of Skyrim than anything else.


So more like 10,000 B.C. than Quest for Fire?


'10 things to do In Far Cry 4' video will be a good answer to which Far Cry you should play instead. Although, you need a buddy to play it in co-op mode.




I just completed Unity like a week or so ago and it's a shame that Ubisoft released it in the state they did. It's an excellent stealth game, better than other Assassin's Creeds in this respect, and it gets a lot of negativity heaped on it simply because of the release fiasco. It's actually a pretty good game. Hell, when it connects the co-op is actually pretty good, too.

As a caveat, I also got it for free. Like Tom suggested with making their releases $30, I find I enjoy Ubisoft's games more the less I pay for them.