Familiarity breeds content in Far Cry Primal


Yeah, they should've made some new assets and put fucking dinosaurs into the game like we told them we wanted in the poll they did after 4.


I got Unity via GameFly which in my mind makes it functionally free, and also played it long after release so they addressed any bugs that I was aware of. Maybe I had an abnormal experience but I found it to be the least usable AC game of the lot--I was fighting the controls more often than anything else in the game, and whenever I wasn't fighting the controls I was breezing through the game with very little difficulty, engagement, or enjoyment. I've been told I'm a hipster gamer but I hated Unity all on its own merits :)

Honestly though it's good to hear other people didn't hate every single moment of it. Makes more sense.


I'm really surprised they didn't go for more of an immersive approach with a super minimalistic HUD. Something about having icons and shit all over the screen just doesn't seem to mesh well with that time period/setup. They could've even gotten creative with an approach like that by having the map exist on a stone tablet that you held up (or even a cave wall?), making audio play an even more important role than ever before, so on and so forth.


Damn seriously why did metacritic let your troll click baiting reviews back. This is the second 4 I've seen from this site in recent weeks and both were hilariously low for click bait purposes. Metacritic needs to get rid of your scores again before quantum break and uc 4 come out and you give them 1 and 2 out of 10 because of how popular their going to be and you need those hits regardless of what using click bait tactics has already done to your tarnished reputation.


Well the click bait review didn't mention that you can turn the icons off and adjust features of the hud as well as there being an expert mode now available


Lol how does this compare to blood dragon which was a small open world with maybe a total of 8 hours of game. Meanwhile primal has a huge open world with 30 plus hours of content, a brand new story, characters etc hell a brand new enviroment compared to blood dragons which was just far cry 3 map with the colors changed to futuristic and neon. Don't let your ubisoft hate allow you to make ridiculous comparisons like that.


Nothing about this review is misleading or hyperbolic. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean that it's clickbait. You can disagree with Tom's 1-5 rating system, as opposed to the inflated 6-10 rating system that a lot of video game reviewers use. But again, disagreeing with the rating system wouldn't mean it's clickbait.


...Assassin's Creed III as a positive example in anything at all?

Wait, you gave that game 5 stars? Really?


No, I just wrote the text and ran it through a rating generator on the Internet. It suggested five stars so I just went with it. What did you think of the text, by the way?




I dunno...I know I came off insulting but I mean it's just *weird* is all, what with the consensus being that AC3 was the jumping point of the series off the cliff and down to its current lifeless ditch.


So you want the map from Far Cry 2, is what you're saying. ;)


"Click bait"?

Looks like someone just learned a new term and doesn't know how to apply it properly.


I actually thought AC3 was pretty good, too. While playing it, I just couldn't see why it was getting so much hate. Sure, Conner's a twat, but the game is no worse than any of the rest of them.

And if you thought Black Flag was a bad game then I'm sorry but I can't take your opinion on 3 very seriously. ;) But then, I liked Unity too, so don't listen to me either... :P


Oh no, I definitely don't think Black Flag was bad. It was great and the exception to the trend of Assassin's Creed's descent in the opinion of many. But it's worth noting that it was much more fun when it was being a pirate adventure and not as much when it was being Assassin's Creed.


Very true. In fact, Kenway's flippant attitude toward both the Templars and the Assassins made me like him quite a bit. I found his rebuffing them with a "fuck you, pay me" whenever each side tried to draw him into their bullshit very refreshing.

Anyway, I think Black Flag would've been even better if it were its own thing and not part of the AC franchise. Ubisoft inadvertently made one of the best pirate games you could ever play...


the phrase is "familiarity breeds CONTEMPT, not CONTENT. How can I take your 40 seriously when you're not even familiar with a cliche phrase like that? Sure it's the same as FC3 and FC4 but it's fun. The real issue is reviews like this that are not objective and who's only purpose is to drag down the overall number. It's an OK game, certainly NOT a 40...


Far Cry 2's HUD/UI is definitely a great example of what they should've gone for IMO. That game, even despite all its flaws, was incredibly immersive because of how little HUD there actually was.


They're both standalone spinoffs meant to do something unconventional and interesting in the engine of the previous main series release. They are easily comparable and "ubisoft hate" is not at all the feeling found in that guy's comment.


You know, if you had actually read the article, you'd know why he was making a word play on that phrase.

You just looked at the review number and knee-jerk reacted, right?

Thought you'd make yourself look "smart" by ignorantly correcting Tom on his title?