Familiarity breeds content in Far Cry Primal


Not at all. I read enough to know it was an unfair review only interested in knocking the game because it's more of the same. Is it? Yes. Is it a 40? No. If you believe it is then maybe you're not a smart as you think YOU are so fail this k? That's the whole problem with a number based review system anywhere...


You read enough to "know" the review was unfair, but not enough to know why the title was what it was? Right. Sure.

You're just further proving you didn't read the article before you decided to throw a tantrum.

Why don't you quit now while you're only slightly behind and head back on over to metacritic?


And go figure cuz now I've read enough of YOUR comments to know that you're just a simple minded, pompous jackass, with nothing better to do than respond all knowing and condescendingly to other reviews. Beat it bud... I'll always be ahead of people like you... peace out jackwagon.


Breeding contempt, indeed.


Look, dude, you made a dumb mistake and I called you on it.

That's all that's happening here.

The reason I responded "knowingly" was because I'd actually read the article you were misrepresenting. My responses are only condescending from your point of view because I'm criticizing you specifically.

And just so we're clear, ignorance and stupidity are not the same thing. Ignorance implies that you can still be taught, so I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Such a shame that you're so minimally exceptional that you couldn't comprehend that and just resorted to name-calling.

How petulant...


Well said Kevin and to top that off all their little cronies feel they need to protect and justify the 40. Gimme a break. It's a terrible review that is what it is... click bait garbage. I've had enough of this place. Peace out...


I haven't gotten around to anything past AC3 yet, but I've consistently enjoyed each entry in the series for what it was (though Revelations was certainly wheel-spinny) and so far 3 is my favorite in the series. I still have at least four sequences left in the story and I hear the ending is notably weak, but I could certainly understand rating it highly from what I've played so far. Honestly, though, I've never agreed with the idea that games are automatically worse for just reiterating previous gameplay with a new narrative context, and so the repetitive nature of Ubisoft's annualized franchises has never much bothered me as long as it was something I enjoyed to begin with. And with AC, it is. Of course, I also don't play them to destruction in long binges or, as you might be able to tell, keep up with them very well, and I found the SF metalayer far more compelling than the rather basic historical stories being told, so I'm an outlier in a lot of ways.


Nah, he's definitely the Armond White of video game reviews (this is a compliment.)


Lol oh I know how to use it and if you think this site doesn't put out click bait review after click bait review that leaves out pertinent information like I just pointed out you're either a huge fan of this site or naive. This game in no way justifies the 40 this review gave to it which now brought the whole metascore down a point by itself. Just look at their past reviews like the one for halo 4 and the Last of us this site is click bait garbage which is why metacritic quit posting their reviews at one time and they will eventually quit posting them again.


No the sites history shows the click bait nature of this site like their halo 4 or the last of us review. I don't go by the school grading system for review scores because that would make no sense so a 5 is average, a 6 is okay, 7 good, 8 really good, 9 amazing and 10 masterpiece. So giving this game a 40 would mean it has no redeeming qualities, it's broken and bug filled etc which this game absolutely is not.


Kevin, Metacritic has included my reviews in their aggregates for as long as I've been using ratings. They have never stopped. It's the same with Gamerankings. That's how aggregates work, after all. Furthermore, if you have an issue with how I write or rate games, I'd invite you to check out our FAQ, which will clear up some of your other misconceptions:



I think you meant flatulant


On Unity?


Congratulations on apparently getting back on metacritic, tom ;)


You were kidding about the dinosaurs, right?


My guess about the "he was banned from Metacritic" claim I occasionally hear is that some people forget Metacritic lists games by platform. So they go looking for my review of, say, Rise of the Tomb Raider in the PS4 section, because that's the platform they played. Why wouldn't it therefore be the platform everyone played? So when they don't see my review -- I reviewed it on the PC -- they conclude "Tom Chick has been banned from Metacritic!"


Wow, you just singlehandedly wrecked this game's metascore. 4/10 is like a super F. And what's with all the misspellings in this review? That's got to be the worst attempt at spelling 'particular' I've ever come across. patriclar??? Just comes off very unprofessional to me.


Hmm, you might want to familiarize yourself with how aggregates work. There's nothing "single-handed" about a metascore.

But thanks for the correction! To think that some people dismiss drive-by Metacritic tantrums as useless...


Well, I think I know how aggregates work. Without your plutonium anchor, the game would sit at 80 on metacritic. I'm not saying you are wrong in the slightest, but combined with how broken grammatically this review came off to me, and how much lower your score is from the next one up, it just threw up some red flags. Like a little vengeance on Ubisoft. I don't know, as I have no stake in either side, just some random thoughts. And I don't believe that finding such an egregious spelling error, in what should be a professionally edited review is really 'tantrum' material.


What were the other errors in grammar? Don't leave a brother hanging! That's like not telling someone he has food in his teeth. And for the record, the only "professional editing" on this site is me giving my reviews a couple of once-overs before I post them. I depend on the kindness of strangers to help me take up the slack. :)

I couldn't care less about anyone else's score, as my job isn't to build a consensus. It's to articulate my opinion. And my opinion is that I don't like Far Cry: Primal. As for my vendetta with Ubisoft, check out my coverage of Assassin's Creed 3, The Crew, Rainbow Six: Siege, the Anno games, the last Splinter Call, the last Call of Juarez, the Trials Fusion series, and all things Rayman. Heck, even Watch Dogs! You'll see I have quite the hate-on for their games.

Also, check your numbers. There is no way my review -- one out of 72 for the PS4 version -- moved the metascore from 80 to 76. Your math must be as bad as my grammar!