Family Bonds

Not really sure what to make of the show. It’s not really comfortable to watch at times.

I saw a little last night, and I agree.

Nothing too out there so far, compared to precisely engineered trainwrecks like The Surreal Life. I could’ve sworn i saw a tattoo on the kid’s arm though.

The family is just off-putting in many ways. The whole “learning to ride the bike” scene or preview (I forget which), where the Dad scolds another adult of saying something in front of the kid, then proceeds to drop an f-bomb. All while smoking.

The dad/boss seems like an arrogant prick who bullies his family/employees like he would some bounty he’s chasing.

Granted, I saw like 15 minutes of it, but not exactly heart-warming TV.

It’s a reality show. If it’s not completely awkward and cringeworthy at any given time, someone behind the show isn’t doing their job.

The thing where he abuses the navigator while trying to find the way is par for the course for guys in a car trying to use a map. And he said something like “What kind of thing is that to say to a kid? Are you fucking retarded?”, which seemed like the proper response when the other guy says something like “Get your… little weiner up on the seat there”. The kid does have his next 18 years cut out for him though.