Family Business

Is anyone else watching this new series on Showtime?

It’s a reality TV show about the life of this guy named Adam as he tries to go out on dates and stuff, and runs his business with his cousin an friend and mom.

Except that Adam is Seymour Butts, the porn director.

It’s a RIOT! It’s got some sexually explicit stuff, but mostly in the form of transition scenes that Showtime interjects to go from one bit to the next. The real hilarity comes from how normal Adam is, how well-adjusted, and how freakin’ cool his little boy is. But then he’ll be - quite professionally - describing to some porn actress the obscene thing he wants her to do in this scene, and his cell phone will ring. “Hi mom!”

The look on the faces of the people he tells about his job never gets old. His high-school reunion was a trip.

This reminds me. I love porn. God bless America.

I almost want to add Showtime to my satellite package just to see this show, but I guess I’ll wait for the DVD box set if its a success.


Thanks for the mention Jason. I have Showtime, but the show has obviously been lost in the shuffle. If we are not watching Blue’s Clues we are watching some damn chick flick with Meg Ryan and J. Lo.

I assume it is on regularly scheduled nights. I will search it out when I get home.