Famous people you've had a crush on

Something about Ally Sheedy always drove me crazy (in a good way.)

So who are/were your crushes?

For the longest time in my teens I had a crush on Renee Zellweger, but as I grew older it kind of dawned on me that she really wasn’t that attractive.

Yeah… Dangerous Liaisons was one of my favorites growing up.

I met her once and had sort of hoped she’d be a jerk so I could stop having a crush on her, but unfortunately she was extraordinarily sweet.

2 for 1?

I would kill a man in front of his own mama for JASON STATHAM.

Give it up Bob. Clearly she’s married.

That one lasted until I saw Pulp Fiction. Great movie, but it reminded me that our fascination with actors is largely based on roles they play rather then on the person. We “fall in love” with a character, not an actual person.

The famed pioneer of a form of bedazzling (NSFW).


I had a super-crush on Alyson Hannigan. As a kid, I had a crush on Cindy Crawford.

Anne Ramsey was too much woman for one man.

Kelly from Saved by the Bell

There can only be one:

I think when I was a kid I had a crush on the Childlike Empress from The Never Ending Story.