Famous people you've had a crush on

My first TV crush:

Then the Noxeema girl:

Now I guess I have:


and finally:

because we are all required to show bunk the love.

(stupid 4 picture limit…)

I had the same experience with a certain other crush of mine. It makes it worse that she turned out to be super sweet. Damn her!

Just the other day I was buying something at JC Penney, and the girl at the cash register looked just like the Empress. Except this girl was probably in her late 20s so I didn’t feel like a total pervert lusting after her. :P

The only way Ally Sheedy drove me crazy was trying to figure out how the hell someone so irritating and untalented had a career. Blargh.

This thread needs more Dannica McKellar.

And a little Christina Ricci.

I also had a bit of thing for Winona Ryder, back before she went all crazy. Ditto for Janeane Garofalo.

Winnie Cooper’s a good call.

I also had a major crush on Laura from Dr. Katz in the 90s.

I completely forgot Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hell, if we’re allowed to have fake people…

I will be showing my age to tell you that my major TV preteen crush was Lindsay Wagner.

Susan Sarandon’s always been right up there.

The Bionic Woman. Excellent choice.

Though I don’t think it counts as “famous”, the only one for me was the girl from The Smiths “How Soon is Now?” video.

At the time, I had no doubt that if she met me in a club she would have really loved me. Alas there was a lot of standing alone and crying.

I had a crush on Lacey Chabert when she played Penny Robinson in Lost in Space…

…and I pretty much still have a crush on her.

I was a hopeless geek from birth.

Who’s the last one, Hugin?

I liked the evil empress better on Buck Rogers, but Athena was my choice too on Battlestar Galactica.

That’s Jessica 6 from Logan’s Run.

I had a thing for the Heather (Thomas, not Locklear) from The Fall Guy.

The first one I can distinctly remember is Helena Bonham-Carter, but I’m sure there have been plenty of others. I guess Drew Barrymore in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind stands out.

Olivia Newton-John and Heather Locklear for me.

All this love for Winnie Cooper demands a retort.

Have some Samantha Micelli.

Just me?

Just you.

April O’Neil. Seen here thinking of me.

Bridget Fonda.