Famous WoW Gnome Names needed

A friend of mine is making a CoV Robot Mastermind named Thermaplugg. He wants to name his robots after famous gnomes or machine they made. He has techbot, and is saving the king of the gomes (I forget his name) for the boss robot. He also has bingles (remember his lost tools quest in Loch Modan?). However, he still needs 3 more names at least. Neither of us play WoW anymore and can’t remember any outstanding gnomes (either good or evil) from the WoW lore. Can anyone help by giving me some gnome names from WoW and what they were famous for?

Frosticles - famous for being me. An ice mage, naturally.

Moates - the first gnome to successfully mount a horse in more ways than one

Gnome Chomsky.

Did he invent Chomsky Gnomal Form?

I always liked Shoni the Shilent from the Dwarven District in Stormwind.

Gordi Lapforge

I was kind of thinking of gnomes from the offical WoW lore. Ill suggest Gordi Lapforge to him although the reference to WoW will probably be lost because of the reference to star trek.

Haven’t played WoW, have you?

ozzie togglevolt, wizbang cranktoggle…hmm, the two in the deadlands with their robot? lucien tosselwrench? lotwil veriatus?

servo is his robot guardian. oglethorpe obnoticus?

Englebert Humperdinck?

Sorry, but this whole thread sounds like an Eddie Izzard sketch.


Bombetal Razzlepoof

If your friend is serious he should grab a copy of the Prima guide Or check one of the millions of online WOW helper map thingie sites.

This gave me a good chuckle.