Fan Error!

I just installed a new CPU Heatsink. I get a Fan Error at boot. I checked the probe and it shows it running at 760-780 RPM with a that crazy loud alarm sound. What do I do?

Is the alarm from the Mobo BIOS, the fan itself, or fan monitoring software? Unless its not pulling off enough heat its prolly fine (just a quieter/slower fan) and you should be able to shut off the alarms in your mobo BIOS.


It was the fan monitoring software. I disabled it and the fan went full blast 2721 RPM. Thanks.

First off, it’s probably a good thing for your hearing that it was running at 760 to 780 RPM. Most CPUs these days don’t throw out a ton of heat at idle, and heatsink designs have gotten much better.

The reason your motherboard alarm is going off is because the stupid thing thinks that anything below 800 is fan failure. It’s too low a threshold in this day and age of voltage/PWM fan speed control.

Try using a program like Speedfan to let you lower the RPM to a level your BIOS will tolerate, and then it’ll also handle upping the speed when your CPU starts putting out the heat.