Fancy a little Fighting Game?

You can still do things the old fashioned way.

So uh are we doing this tomorrow? Did we get our own channel on the Discord?

Yes, 9am ET because no one said otherwise, and we have the channel.

Here is a screenshot of the weird glitch. Always happens on that stage.

Yikes! How bizarre.

Stream I can recommend watching with some folks I know right now (who are very very good)

I’m low key fascinated with GG Strive, even though I’m like 99% sure I’m never going to play it. The intro videos they’ve been releasing have been nifty.

Apparently the netcode in the beta test is being called “Better than Skullgirls”, though folks are heavily criticizing the UI decisions.

Skullgirls is considered the gold standard for netcode, so them saying that Arcsys’s in house solution is better is a high accomplishment. It’s definitely moved me from thinking I’ll never play this and making this a must-buy when it hits PC. (I’ll probably try Anji first, or Axl)

If the netcode is this good, PC will be perfectly viable as a platform as long as the game isn’t crap.

I played some GG Strive this weekend and again tonight on PS5. The netcode certainly seemed up to the task. It felt like being in the same room with every one of my opponents.

It’s a beautiful game. I was playing with a PS5 controller which is not recommended. Had I pulled out a joystick I would have liked it even more.

The setup for casual online with avatars roaming around is unique and kinda cool. Having floors designated at your skill level was fine, but there’s just too much delay between fights if all you want is to keep playing.

I may check it out on release. It sure is purty.

Preordered it on PC. Going to play with gamepad as that’s all I have, but the more accessible commands make me think this is viable, even if not optimal.

It’s still going to be a hard game. I don’t think there’s such a thing as an easy fighter, and smaller games tend to have more dedicated players.

I’m aware of that. But if execution is easier - and MY GOD, a dash button REALLY helps in my case - that’s a plus in my book.

Why do you say that? I’d love to believe you rather than the people saying the PC community will be DOA because of the lack of cross-play. I was thinking this might be a chance to get in at the beginning of a game, and generally prefer PC, but haven’t had a great experience with online PC fighting games last year when trying several of them.

SC6 and MK11 I tried on both PC and Xbox, and in both cases the PC version took way longer to find opponents and when they did they were usually much further outside my skill ranking and with a laggier connection to me – I assume both effects were down to a sparse player base. And Granblue Fantasy seemed to be all but dead, often waiting a half-hour for a match. This was a couple months after launch, and I didn’t have a chance to try the PS4 version but people claimed it still had a player base.

Rollback netcode heavily decreases the playerbase you need for viability, and top players tend to use PC more than console these days due to fewer wi-fi users, and in the case of last-gen consoles, PC performed so much better than the crappy consoles. (PS5 looks much better here)

COVID shifted a lot of folks to PC, I don’t see them going back to console. Even the Japanese players are shifting to PC now.


I think @Alstein is being overly optimistic. For Guilty Gear specifically, you should probably expect PS4/PS5 to be the biggest playerbase by far. If you’re a n00b, you want to be on PlayStation for sheer numbers.

I just don’t understand what covid would have to do with shifting players to PC from consoles? Interested to know.

Even then, you generally shouldn’t expect whatever auto-matched “Ranked” type mode they have to work. Their games have limited audience to start with and those players prefer to play in lobbies most of the time.

I’d normally agree but I played in the beta and it seemed to be working as intended with plenty of opponents. Their casual mode is doing some ranking too.

Oh, I’m not saying the PS4 playerbase will be the largest. (PS4+PS5 have crossplay , PC/PS crossplay isn’t going to be at launch, might be never)

What I am saying is that PC will be viable if you want to go that route, competitively as well.

I also might be looking from a more competitive perspective, and my main game is healthier on PC because the console ports sucked.

As for why COVID shifted things, online tournies tended to prefer PC due to better netplay. Much of this was due to PS4’s poor online capability. For SC6 at least, most top players are on PC outside of Japan. It also helped that the French were pro-PC to begin with.